Show the artist within you (Part 2)

Love this mike!


I really love what you’re doing man. Can’t wait to see the finished product

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The reference my buddy gave me for a drawing. And what I came up with. Hope he likes it


Was really excited and wanted to share my new machine


Looks good. Can’t wait to see your finished work. Now you can post .:+1:


@Powerfulmikelamica I wonder if you start your own thread for your tattoo work, would you be able to post an unlimited amount? Or does the 3 posts in a row rule still count? Maybe a mod could answer that question.

I’d definitely follow that thread.


Thanks man, I use to have my own thread and thought about doing it again but I didn’t really want to blow up sober time with all my art when there is already a thread. Maybe I’ll run it by one of the mods to see if its ok


I have been so busy with making jewelry, its so fun. This is my latest creation, a sweet little blk tourmaline pendant. @SassyRocks


Gorgeous :heart_eyes: I love the copper color with the black.


Beautiful work Stella!! Love the stone.

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NIce! Congrats!

Thats Awesome!

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Oh thank you, I was going to tell you that I am also working with fimo clay! I saw your cool octopus creation. Its so fun hey? I use it and apoxie sculpt to build the pendants… just depends on what I am doing.

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Beautiful work stella

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It is fun! The possibilties are endless. The more I learn about it, the more ideas I get.

I Love the style of work your doing! Very cool! The black Tourmaline has a wizard vibe to it! :heart:


The jellyfish are awesome! Nice work. :ok_hand:

My mold worked out awesome despite my struggle with the form.

This is the first pour! I’m really stoked with the results!

This is one that I made last night, its smaller. Im about to work this one.

Im excited to fish these!


Super cool! Did you put sparkles in it?


So I just wanted to try my new machine before my big tattoo tomorrow and Monday…so I tested it out on myself with one of my designs, it was a super awkward position and is on my shin. It’s been about 7 months since I’ve touched a machine. I’m happy with it overall


I did! I have about 20 colors of glitter and more than that for plastic coloring. They have some that use high end car paint colors that shift colors as the light changes angles. The color possibilties are endless.

I bought some machined forms that I can inject the hot plastic into. They came yesterday. I stayed up late playing around with everything.

If I was still a drunk, I never would have made it past talking about doing this, but if I did, I would burn my hands to the bone with the hot plastic!