Sincerity and Gratitude

I say aloud and with an open heart, I am grateful.

I acknowledge my past and for it I am grateful.

I am not defined by my past and for that I am grateful.

With open eyes I see all of the world I hid from for years and I am grateful.

I see myself, for the first time, and I am grateful.

I think of this community and how it is so different from other social media platforms and for you all, I am grateful.

For all that I am and for all that I have gained sinced joining this community.

Truly I am grateful

Thank you All


right on. initially when getting sober i had such a terrible attitude and outlook, writing gratitude lists has really helped transform things for me. thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


One consistent thing I do every morning to start my day off on a good note is a gratitude list. I never miss a day. Daily Gratitude List


Beautiful, thank you sharing!!

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Thank you so much for sharing this! I could not agree more with everything you wrote, but this in particular resonates with me. It’s like we’ve started a whole new life in sobriety.

Have a great one.

Beautiful! I love this. What an amazing reminder for us all. Thank you for sharing your words!

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Indeed, Sharing our truths is why we come :slight_smile:

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We indeed have. With all that I can now see and embrace the terror of needing to shed all my past selves became an afterthought.

I just started living. Not hiding. Not living in fear. Everything else continues to happen and I am successful every day because I am not afraid.

Your are successful too my friend, in every way possible. Continue to seek within, that’s where I was hiding this whole time and never knew :black_heart:

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Thank you for your post, I think I may begin do that. A list of gratitude never hurt anyone :wink:

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