Smart Recovery…

Hi community, I’m joining my first Smart Recovery meeting tomorrow (women only just because that feels more comfortable to me), and I wondered if anyone has any experience they fancied sharing please?

I appreciate this is very subjective, but their approach potentially feels like a better fit than other programs.

Thanks :pray:t2:


I like the science-based approach to this program. The book that you can get, I got mine for free at my first meeting, is also very helpful with many beneficial exercises and information. There was also a ton of great info on the website, though I haven’t visited that in quite some time.

As far as community, I definitely needed more. As it is not as much of a well-known program, our meetings were always pretty small, with the majority of attendees wanting to get in, get their proof of attendance, avoid AA, and get out.

I hope you enjoy it and it’s helpful for you.


That’s really informative thanks! I think the science based approach may be a good fit for me at this time…I also embrace the spiritual side of recovery and have leaned into this for a number of years already (and continue to do so), but having some additions to the toolkit will be helpful to keep on the sober track.

I’ll ask about the book…

I’m actually better in smaller groups and know the meeting I’ll be joining isn’t large, so I like that :+1:

And of course I’ve got this community to keep checking in with as well :grinning:


I can’t wait to hear how it goes!


I’ll let you know! Also keeping in mind Recovery Dharma - I’ve downloaded the book and just the first few pages really sang to me - so let’s see. Either way, I’ll keep on seeking :ok_hand:


Find what works for you!


This is one of my favorite programs. Right now I lean in pretty heavily to The Luckiest Club, but it is a subscription-based program. I just love the people and the message there. We have a lot of “woo woo” if you know what I mean - crystals, and mantras, and meditation and so much love.

Like The Monkey, I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences with both.


I’ve been doing the smart recovery program for a few weeks now. I like it. The online zoom meetings are set up pretty well. Haven’t found an in person one where I’m at yet that fits my schedule but I’ll keep looking. Like @EarnIt said the worksheets and exercises are a nice addition to the program.

This is the book that I ordered off line for like $11.00. If you can get one for free at an in person meeting even better.:+1:. Let us know how you make out if you go that root.


Very curious to get your thoughts on SMART and thrilled they have multiple options for community support. I do local AA (have a great homegroup) and The Luckiest Club. I have the Dharma Recovery book and also Tao of Sobriety. More has always been better for me.


I attended S.M.A.R.T. meetings weekly for a bit. I went to listen to speakers affiliated with 12-step and it wasn’t a good fit. I was pleased to find in-person meetings fairly close. It was helpful and it added some tools to my toolbox. I found Buddhist based recovery groups work best for me. Meditation is the best thing I do for myself,and others. If I hadn’t found Recovery Dharma and Refuge Recovery I would still be at S.M.A.R.T. I feel we should explore different paths in order to find what works best . We are all different and all the same. You know what I mean.


Spot on! Couldn’t have said it better.

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Just checked out The Luckiest Club app and I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Happy to pay for a subscription as I see that as self care and money well spent :grinning:

Woo woo isn’t something I’d shy away from - it’s something I’d embrace - affirmations work well for me and I’ve dabbled with meditation. Years ago I discovered The Law of Attraction and then later the understanding of everything and everyone being universally interconnected. I like walking the line between this and science…because it helps me better understand the mind, body and soul relationship.

I’ll post an update later today when I’ve had the meeting - it’s early here - 7am and the meeting is at 3pm…


Thanks…I’m glad you’re enjoying the program. I’ll also be joining a zoom meeting as there is nothing like this where I live. Appreciate the book info…if it feels like the right fit I’ll get one ordered :+1:

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I understand that ‘more is better’. I have a daily check in with myself for ‘stacking’ self care. So this is an example of yesterday…

  • checked in on ST, read helpful posts
  • walked my dog in the woods for 45 minutes
  • cooked 3 tasty meals from scratch
  • continued watching a Gabor Maté in depth webinar on addiction
  • did my chores
  • worked
  • watched Russell Brands masterclass on recovery where he uses the AA methods - gave me some interesting perspective
  • had a solid 7 hour uninterrupted sleep :sleeping:

I love research and continuing to find new teachings in whatever form they take…


Yes I totally agree with finding the tools that resonate for us personally…I hadn’t heard of Refuge Recovery so thanks for that. I do appreciate how powerful meditation is, and the small amount of time I’ve practiced it, it has been powerful. Yet I feel I have some resistance to it but at the same time I’m very drawn to Buddhism. Perhaps I have an internal paradox that I need to shift :sweat_smile:

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Plenty of recovery programs available today , when i got sober only AA then way before internet and mobiles but as i say if it keeps you sober thats fine . for me AA saved my life keep on trucking


So glad AA worked for you. I also tried getting sober at a time when there was very little available with the internet or mobiles so I’m very thankful for the technology :ok_hand:

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Wow! That’s really a well thought out day focused on recovery. Very well done.

Also, since you have some interest in (TLC), it all kicked off from Laura McKowen’s book “we are the luckiest”. This is a book I recommend to those starting out. Very well written with lots of good tips.

I definitely wouldn’t say it’s based at all in Woo Woo. I do like it because it grabs a lot of everything that works in programs. No holds bars, if it works, they are open to it.

If you haven’t read Laura’s McKowen’s Book, “We are the Luckiest,” you should definitely start there. It’s a great read and how the group began, as many do.

Thanks, definitely keeping a daily self care check helps me :+1:

I’ve just had the smart meeting, all the ladies were very welcoming, warm and it was nice to hear their stories of recovery. That said, I now know I’m seeking something that is more based in spirituality and delve deeper. So I’m joining a Dharma meeting this Sunday and see how that resonates…

Appreciate the book recommendation, I’m compiling a list of useful resources so great to add it to that :grinning: