SMART Recovery?


So I have seen people mention this program and someone recommended I look into it. I went to the website and found it somewhat helpful. Can anyone give me more information or share some experiences? I would greatly appreciate it!


I have been using Smart recovery as one of my tools in my recovery. Have you gotten the book? I ask because it has a lot of different assignments in it that you can do to help in your sobriety. I go to AA as well but do not work the steps with anyone. Instead, I use the workbook to help me understand my addiction and faults. It works for me, and I have the support of my AA home group in doing it that way. I think that it’s great, but you have to show some self-discipline and make sure your committed to it. It’s like taking a class online. You can do it at your own pace, but if your one who needs direction from a person directly, then you will not succeed in the smart recovery program. You already mentioned you visited the site so you know there are some great resources including online meeting you can attend virtually, which is helpful to me if I work and can’t make a meeting but really need one. Some cities have smart recovery meetings that you can go to. There are not a whole lot, but it’s worth checking. I’m thinking about starting one in my town and see what response I get. The book is very inexpensive considering what it can do to help you. Hope this helps clear it up a little bit.


If you go to the website you can get lots of free access to worksheets etc. It is a great tool.

You can even sign up for online meetings if you can’t find in person meetings near you.


I don’t have any type of camera with my computers. Don’t know if that would keep me from online meetings but I imagine it would. I will definitely check the website from my computer to take a look at the resources available. Unfortunately the nearest physical meeting is pretty far away.

I think it’s awesome that you are able to do smart recover instead of the steps in AA. I’ve done a ton of work in therapy over the years that wasn’t the structure of the steps but I’ve covered most of the ideas extensively. It’s the steps and the religious aspects that keep me away from the rooms. I’m not against either, they just don’t jive with me.

I appreciate the responses and hope for some more! Thanks!


You do not need a camera. All you have to do is listen. Some of them make it able for you to write responses, and yes there are some that you can get into via a camera. There are also many meetings that are archived as well.


Cool! Thanks!


I will check out that book. In your opinion, would it be useful in audiobook format, or would I need a physical copy to use it to its fullest. Also, does it consist of “higher power” activities, or is it friendly to all belief systems?


I was given the book in rehab and man…it saved my life personally.its only like $10 and well worth every bit of it. There are meetings around certain areas of the nation too.look into it.theres also chat rooms and stuff on that website similar to this one.


The book has written activities that you need to do. It’s not something that would be available in audio-book form, as it is not a lectured based book. The exercises are useful as a tool to look back at when you are feeling urges and emotional baggage from your addiction. You can go to the site. It is not based on religion, which is why it is useful for those who are not accepting of it. I cannot do it as much justice in describing all facets of it as the website can.


Also, keep in mind, higher power does not singularity mean just God. Your higher power can be a stuffed animal if that’s what works for, Just want to clear that illusion.


There is a kindle version. Would that work as well as the physical copy? I am in no way opposed to writing everything in a journal or printing stuff out on the website. It costs less and would arrive quicker (clearly). But if anyone thinks the physical copy would be better then I will go that route.


I’m sure that would work. You would still need to have a notebook. I just find sitting down with it in my hand and using it like a text book is effective for me. If you think that will work for you, I say go for it!


Haha, I might do both. I LOVE physical books in my hand, but I kind of want to get looking at it and starting now. Instant gratification anyone?