Smoking Weed

Hey every one, so what brings me here is getting clean for a drug test so I can track how many days it has been. I only smoke weed and drink alcohol occasionally. I can do without weed, it’s just nice to smoke when I’m bored or before bed to get me to sleep. I can quit whenever I want really ( I just quit for a month but smoked ln bc I finished my drug test) and it’s not a burden on me. I just wanted some thoughts on this ? I’m a completely healthy 24 year old with a job who likes to smoke weed, is this so bad ?

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It’s not bad unless it starts interfering with your goals and daily life tasks. Sounds like your just using the app to help you keep track and that’s awesome to. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with it up to a point. You sound like things are going well for you so far, just be careful with the drinking :slight_smile:


(I am 24 too by the way, recovering alcoholic)

If I can offer a dissenting opinion w great respect to @Steve92.
You asked this question, “Is it all that bad?” Simply by asking, I feel that you think it is.
You posted on a forum that deals w sobriety, so quitting both alcohol and marijuana are apparently somewhere in your mind.
You need to stay clean for x number of days for purposes of maintaining employment. To me that means that the use of Marijuana endangers your current ability to make a living.
You quantify your level of use to what you feel is an excusable amount.
You qualify your use by stating that you can quit whenever you choose.

I can say all of these things, because I did all of these things. I was there. I made a 30 year career of drinking.

I can’t tell you what to do, nor should I. That isn’t my place. I can tell you the parallels I have seen in my life.


I 100% agree with @Chandler13. Some things that you stated @Chad05 are red flags to me because I’ve said the same things years ago before addiction took over. How about you try out sobriety and see how it goes, how much better you feel? We don’t use this merly as a counter…this is life or death for a lot of us.


Thanks for the input everyone, I was just telling you why I was using it and wanted an opinion. I realize many people don’t use it for the same reason I do but just wanted an opinion ( talking about using the app not marijuana) I’m just asking for an opinion, I don’t think it’s bad myself, just wanted to know what others think. It’s not something I wake up everyday and think about just wanted a 2nd opinion

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I do feel guilty about it when I smoke that’s why I ask, not that I necessarily think any things wrong with it since it’s not interfering at the moment. I do appreciate the advice though

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So when I tried weed (this was years ago now) I had a panic attack and called the cops on myself because I thought I was dying.

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I can understand that, if you don’t smoke and you get really high that can happen. A police officer actually did the same expect he made brownies

Except * my bad

Really? Lol I was freaking out and now I just kinda laugh about it. The cops just looked at me and knew exactly what was wrong. Than they walked out. And I was grounded.

Thanks man best wishes to you

Lol yea I mean I didn’t smoke for about 4 months a couple of years ago then smoked like half of a blunt and got so high that I was tripping out with anxiety. Weed can’t and will never kill you, but it sure can feel like it with a low tolerance and high intake of good weed lol


On a side note today is 4/20 and I’m not smoking, nor have I smoked the past 5 days

Lol I don’t seem to have a tolerance because I had a panic attack every time.

Haha I hear ya, it’s definitely not for everyone. Maybe it’s just something I’ll grow out of, another phase

I’m at a similar place as you! 26 days without drinking but I smoke a bit to relax at the end of the day. Feeling okay with it for now because I’m doing one thing at a time but I know I want to lower my use of it in the coming months. As long as you’re being honest with yourself I think you should do what feels best for you :slight_smile:

On day 5, as well. Also quitting for a drug test, so I can start my college program. Although I felt it was/is an addiction for me. I smoked for 10 years, daily. Usually every 3-4 hours, and only hitters, didn’t care for blunts, bowls, etc. 5 days without smoking seems like forever now! As long as you can quit for your tests and hold a job, I see no problem with it. It’s very relaxing. Wish I could quit as easily as you can, though! Still craving… :expressionless:

The problem with drugs (no matter what kind), your not addicted until you are addicted. It could start out as recreational, it could be just away to relax. Weed is still illegal according to the Federal government in the USA. I personally don’t necessarily have a problem with it, but I don’t condone it either.

I just find it funny, I need to get sober for a drug test, then smoke the day after. Not literally funny, but ironic funny. I’m glad I get drug tested randomly every month for my job, so it’s a no brainer for me.


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