Sober from Tramadol and Xanax, daily check in for motivation



What bout creatin mono? I am asking this because I used to have it and it gave me immense immediate burst of energy. I am so low on energy so i was considering it.


I have started excercising a bit and planning to hit the squat rack soon. I miss those days of squatting and dead lift ing my ass off.


15 days completed. My doctor stopped all meds and put me on Lyrica 75mg 2 hours before bedtime. So far it is working like a charm, I slept considerably well, feeling overall energetic and motivated and the dull pains, rls is gone. Downside is I need to stop it within 4 weeks, though he said I am on lowest possible dose, so it will not be a problem. I believe him, so far he did everything possible to help me. I don’t want to take it for so long but yeah its better than jumping on benzos or opiates once again. I was having serious sleep deprivation last few days and my nerve pains flared again.
I am trying to reduce smoking but so far no luck. I am excercising a bit more than before and started with very light weights. Its giving me a good mood boost and focus. I am cycling a bit in the evening as well. I have started doing small freelance works and it’s going pretty smooth now except a little lack of focus here and there. My doctor suggested me meditation and breathing exercises for this though I haven’t started it yet.


Man, I’m so glad you got some sleep! That’s huge! Hopefully things will start getting better and better. It’s amazing how some sleep helps everything else.


Hi, yes it is a big relief, Lyrica is actually helping me unlike mirapex, requip. I can finally sleep with minimal rls.


Hey you, did the Lyrica help with the RLS ? Looks like your doing great !


How ya doin?


Heya, how are you mate? Lyrica did absolute magic tbh. I was instructed to increase the dose according to the need (upto 3*75mg pills) but I found no need at all. A single 75 mg dose is doing wonders. But it takes a long time to kick in so i am taking it 2 hours before bedtime. I AM FINALLY SLEEPING, WITHOUT ANY DISTRACTIONS. WHAT A JOY.
Feeling really awesome, waking up with good positive mood.
One thing really bugs me is this drug has abuse potential and creates dependency though the chamces are very low at this dose and I need to stop it within 4 weeks anyway.
So far so good, haha.


Hi, I am doing great. How are you?My new med Lyrica is doing great for my rls and I am finally sleeping peacefully. Rls and twitchings are 99% gone. I can feel now, i was critically deprived of sleep and it was almost failing my motivation to stay sober. I was mentally strong but physically it was getting close to impossible. I know its another med as well and i need to stop it asap but i am happy i did not jump to xanax /clonopin/tram.Trading addiction from one to another is very real and I am very much aware of it, taking utmost care and giving my full attention to not fall for it.


I’m doing okay… I’m glad you’re dr. Switched you to a to a that is working for rls. Hey, whatever works is my attitude! I hated rls so much, so glad that’s over with for you…
How many days you have now?


I rearranged my room and pc, put some colorful lights. It looks nice now.
New photo by chayan sen

New photo by chayan sen


I m clean for 16 days now. Yayyy.


Hey Donnie, ssup?


Hey Julz, ssup?I hope you are doing great.


Hi everyone, I don’t get any notification from this app, every time I have to manually open and check it. What I am doing wrong here?


Ive been up since 5 ready for work. Im alittle exhausted workin 6 days a week. While trying to take care of things i need to do. Physically im 100% mentally its still developing… i hope all is well for you. I took cymbalta for the depression n anxiety. Low dose for about 30 days and stopped and was fine…


Hey Donnie, its awesome to hear that you are physically 100% now that’s a big thing. I am almost there I would say 80%, I recorded a band today and I was feeling restless at times specifically during endless retakes. I managed to complete the session anyway but it was difficult at times and i was unnecessary cranky.
I am taking Lyrica before bedtime and its doing a great job. It’s magical for me at least. I can sleep 5-6hours at a stretch without any twitching. Feeling a bit lightheaded and worn out at times but that’s totally okay.


Finally, I slept for 8.5 hours at a strech. Feeling great. Life is good.


Wooo hoooo, that is something to be happy for !!


Yeah i just finally got a good full 8 hrs of sleep naturally finally after 4 mo. Wierd how it seems like a stop clock and near these days 30,60,90days ,etc symptoms change. I had a heavy habit for a while…but there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Atleast ive finally have surendered the thought of ever trying to use again. Was depressing at first but ive lived sober long enough to see this life is better and meant for me.