Sober from Tramadol and Xanax, daily check in for motivation



Thanks to everyone who supported me, replied, took their valuable times to help me out. I am grateful to you all and a special thanks to the devoloper of this app.
I never even thought that I can get outta narcs, staying clean for 30 days was a far cry.
But it seems, taking small baby steps towards it makes it hell lotta easier.


Your doing awesome ! Some days do really suck but it seems like right after a really bad day a really good day comes. I guess if we don’t make through the dark we will never find the light.

Keep posting! I always come to check on you.


Thanks Rayn.Ssup how are you?
Thank you for your help and support. I really really appreciate it. I will post here every day, I made a commitment, no matter how good or horrible it is.


I’m actually having a great day. Who would have thought. Lol. Its weird but I’m going to enjoy while it lasts.


56 days pill free !!


Good Job, glad to see your still doing well. Almost 6 days clean for me!


Its so awesome to hear.


Congrats for the first week. How you doing over all?


Feel like I have the flu or something. Body aches, headache, feels like I have to keep moving my legs, I’m guessing something like RLS. That’s the worst part for me, ugh!


@Chayans I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see things going so well for you! I know the Xanax was a secondary thing to the trams but I still love to see success with any type of prescribed addiction. I had a fucked up morning yesterday where my Buspar fell out of my little pill holder in my pocket and when I took change out there they were. They looked exactly like Klonopin and it really messed with my head. I just ended up throwing them away because I never take them and I didn’t realize how triggering they could end up being. But man, caused anxiety all day which then had me craving Xanax so bad.

All in all much better today. Hope your sleepnis continuing to be good and your keeping your head held high!


I had same exact things. At times it feels like one unending stream of suffering but it ends. Albeit slowly but surely.
Some leg streches I found on yt particularly helped me. I am posting those links here. Hot and cold shower helped me a bit. Unfortunately, mirapex did not help me at all. Lyrica helped me but it is very controversial. At least on internet, I found a large number of people complaining bout pregabalin dependency as well. Personally, i never felt any high or something similar it just kinda zombified me for some time. But it really helped with those leg movements.
I took a therapy which is called tens (Trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). I don’t know how ethical it is to say or recommend but try it once on your main hurting points. Mine was low back, back, legs and shoulders, it reduced those aches 60-70%


Please go to 5.30 mark.And 12 minutes mark.
Also you can try to push a wall or something lying normally on your back. Put as much pressure as possible, try to move it or break it. Count 20 and release.Repeat till you cant press any more.
Let me know if any of this actually made any difference. Good luck. Kill it.


Yes absolutely xanax was a secondary thing. But i was taking it a lot. Part of the reason is trams if consumed a lot induce a weird restlessness and headache. At least to me it did and I was prescribed xanax and klonopin few times before as short term sleep aid.
For me it was like a big dose of tram was always followed by a small dose of xanax.
But klonopin always been a very weird drug for me. I could not tolerate it more than 2-3 days it makes me sad, low, depressed (not extremely depressed but a constant overlay). Works okayish for sleep but not even close to alprazolam, to me.


Ahhh, the random pill floating in your purse, in a drawer, under the couch. Even if it just ends up being tylenol it still throws me into a panic. I found one in my first weeks of detox while looking for spare change in my car. It was actually my DOC. I put it in my pocket and went in the store. When I came out I was petrified. I was spinning it in my fingers the whole time but I had a moment of clarity and stepped on it right outside the door. Phewwww


Thank You, I’m now on day 8. I found that otc night time sleep aid has helped some. I obviously cant become dependent on it, so I just take when my legs and arms are really bad. That’s the worse feeling ever. And I’ve noticed I’m becoming short of breath… did u have that? My lower back, and between my shoulder blades hurt sooo bad too. Got some lavender Epsom salt to soak in, hopefully that will help. Just taking it day by day.


Oh and the depression sucks, too!! Might as well through that out there lol.


***throw (spell check sucks, sometimes, lol).


Hi , I’ve got 27 days clean and sober for heroin and 5 days off suboxn. I’ve also take Zoloft and get that kind of brain zap, and it’s like my eyes and brain feel shocked.


Absolutely i got that breathlessness, a short burst of, generally when i was trying to sleep. But it will go away quickly.
Aches on the other hand really takes a long time to become tolerable. Stretching absolutely helps, you should try it. Mild to moderate exercise did wonder for me. But don’t do it close to bedtime. Only hotbath alone never helped me, made the aches worse, but a combination of hot and cold bath has worked really well.
And the depression Arghh, sadly this is the toughest part it seems. Alternatively if i am motivated one day, i get low and depressed next day. So,kind of accepting it the way it is, 50% is way better than 0.
Will it be possible for you to run or do cycling a bit? Helps both way, mentally and physically.


Congratulations for the first week. You are doing it and you should be proud of yourself. Best wishes.