Sober high?

I’m 35 days sober. I am feeling confident, sometimes overly, about my sobriety. I’ve quickly made plans to deal with the problems I have been suppressing for years. So quick that it makes me a little taken back that the “tools” were always right there I just never utilized them.

Now that I have a game plan for my new sober self, I’m feeling a lot of anxiety about everything-which is nothing new. But my anxiety had greatly subsided being sober.

Am I crashing from a sober high? I don’t really have a desire to drink. So maybe this isn’t a drinking problem and just an every day problem. But did anyone else feel like they were on top of the world and then suddenly not… Even though they’re still deciding not to drink?


First article I read perfectly explained it…

Thank you, I’m happy I know what’s going on now. Based on the things I’m about to go through, I see myself spiraling if I choose to drink. Drinking isn’t an option pink cloud or no pink cloud but facing reality is scary.


I never knew there was a name for what I first went through when I quit alcohol. It’s never been mentioned as a 'thing in any of the meetings I’ve attended with AA in the UK, but it now makes complete sense. Dry drunk is our usual go to when explaining things to newcomers here and most of us have been through that.

Thank you for posting the topic and the link.

@Determined2018 give this a read. Hugely important.

Thanks again :blush:

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I look forward to baseline reality!


The article referenced dry drunk which I’m going to read up on now-thanks :blush:

I don’t go to AA but know it’s the next best step in my progress. I’m just putting that out there so more people suggest I go lol

Haha! Go!!! A million times…go! Lol.

It’s true it’s not for everyone, my Dad went a couple of times but it wasn’t for him…he quit in 1981 and never drank again.

For me, it’s what I needed at the beginning and I still go now when I feel the alcoholic part of my mind is ‘bench-pressing’ my self-doubt and anxiety…I’m stronger now though and know how to fight it with all the tools I need at my disposal to stay sober…mainly thanks to AA and those meetings.


Will do! Thanks so much for sharing @lionfish

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I’m nearing 7 months and I’m still riding the pink cloud. I know eventually it will end, but I will take it as long as I can. Even my bad days are still fairly enjoyable.


Just my two cents - I don’t think I would have made it this far without AA. Despite my unholy dread of going to the first meeting, it has now become something to which I look forward. I always feel much more peaceful when I come from a meeting.

I’m always glad to see you on here. I’m proud of us and our sober one month!


You just made my night :heart:

I really appreciate your two cents!! I will take what you said into consideration. The feeling at peace part really strikes a chord with me. I will make that my goal for May.

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