Sober Selfies #15 (shirts required, please review rules)

I love a go to dose of happiness. I would love to see it! I’m gonna live vicariously through that too but I already love how you express yourself through your aesthetics anyway :purple_heart:

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Been a while, back in LA :palm_tree: from Europe trip. Greeted with love from fam. my kids, my sis, and my best friend- my ex wife


I’m getting excited to see the new go-fasters you get too. I need a pair also, should probably get out there & find some…

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The running store was out of my size in literally every pair I wanted to try on :woman_facepalming:t2: I went to academy and got a super great deal so I ended up with two pair and some new socks :confetti_ball::tada: The green/blue ones have a lot of cushion and feel like I’m running on clouds and the black/rose pair have less and feel so light. 100% ran a few aisles to try them out. Will be giving the top ones a try tomorrow for my workout. I’m pretty excited honestly


608 days sober :yellow_heart::blossom:


No, I’ve not but it is on my watch list. Was a Bowie fanatic in my younger years. Saw him in concert once. Brilliant artist.


Congrats on your days and your shining, happy lady look! Well done


Great looking kicks Jennifer! Ima black or green guy. Hoping to find some pumas or NB maybe.


Went to see him, Ziggy Stardust tour. My friend’s girl got busted with ludes as soon as we went in,ugh,and we spent most of the night trying to raise bail. Shitshow!


I think i need a tidy up, winter is coming though usually keep a longish beard


Hey Trav,good to see you bright eyed and hooded. Hope your day is great. I got my hair trimmed,first time in over a year and a professional beard trim as opposed to my amateurish job.

Just meditated to kick out the jams


Congratulations to your huge milestone! Amazing work!:+1:t2:


We are going to CR in July. I’ll land on day 861. Have some great adventure planned. Where did you go?


Huge congratulations!!! 6 years is amazing.


Well, that is truly a shitshow!! Damn! I saw him at the Boston Garden in 1978. Not sure what tour that was. :thinking: Was excellent but I’m sure I was so blotto that it would have been more enjoyable if in my right mind.

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Good morning! Glad to see you in the 800s as I am :smiling_face:. We flew into Liberia as Sun Country runs a direct flight from Minneapolis. Rented a car and drove west to the Pacific near Playa Conchal - a really cool AirBNB on a small locals beach. Hard 20 minute dirt road drive to get there but we’ll worth it. We did a couple river rafting trips south of Liberia and a day up in the rainforests between two volcanos. If you are in the Liberia area, there’s a great coffee and breakfast spot near Filadelfia called Cafe Raices.


Thank you everyone @Dazercat @Runningfree @JazzyS @Butterflymoonwoman @TMAC @Cjp @Planipennia @Mbwoman :grin::raised_hands:


Well look at you kid!!! :hugs:
So great to see you.
608 grateful days at a time.


Congrats man!!! As a one year this gives me alot of encouragement and look up to those big numbers for strength!!!:muscle::muscle::muscle:


In Florida for the memorial weekend and happen to hit 400 days of sobriety! The wife surprised me with this trip on the day of my 1 year soberversary!!! Its crazy how time flies! Im grateful for this new chance at life! We went to Universal studios yesterday for 12 hours and had a amazing time! This sober zack truly got to experience all the magic it had to offer! If drunk zack was still around we would have made it maybe 6 hours before i got belligerent drunk and ruined such a beautiful moment between the wife and I! Have a great week everyone!!! Stay disciplined and as always one day at a time!!!