Sober selfies, new me

I have came a long way and I feel beautiful… it’s been a while since I’ve seen myself sober and happy in my sobriety…

Celebrating my sober selfie.

From here and onward, I want to continue finding different ways of motivating myself to not only follow my dreams but make them come true.

My dreams of studying psychology and helping others is one of my biggest dreams…

I am recovering from surgery on my ankle and thinking about starting a part time job when I’m able to. Then once I’m ready to add more to ‘my plate’, I’ll look into school… I’m working on my anxiety and I want to be at my best to do my best in all that I do. (Work, being a good mommy, sister, daughter, grand daughter etc.)


You look great, well done :+1:

Keep checking in on this post daily with how you are doing :grinning:

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Look amazing :+1:t4:

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I agree with @DarrenUK you do look great. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
(Not meant in a creepy way :joy:)

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Beautiful :heart:

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Keep up the good progress, youre glowing, stay the course.

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Very beautiful! :two_hearts:

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You look great and sober keep up the great work. Remember it’s never to late chase your dreams!

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Yes !! I look at old pictures when I was high like EWWWWWW! beautiful girl ! Own it !:pray:t2:

I’m 101 days today :raised_hands:t3: god bless :heart::heart:


Great picture! That smile tells your whole story. Congratulations!!


Christmas Day


Enjoying sobriety, alcohol was aging me, I feel better after 30 days sober.


Beautiful picture! Same to you @Hrroberson1 :blush:


Hey, it’s been easy going… sometimes my life isn’t always as I want it but I know my life is changing for the better slowly.

Thanks… hope all is well with you.


Just checking in y’all. Have a blessed day everyone!:sparkling_heart::kiss:

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24 days and counting!
Feels Awesome!



I hope you had an amazing day❤

Congrats. Keep up the hard work!

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Keep wearing that sobriety! It looks great on you!

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Checking in:
Last couple days have been tough. I’m proud to say I’m still sober.

I am proud of myself for being able to save $$ without going out and buying alcohol or my drug of choice…

The thought of drinking comes to me when things aren’t going great… if I’m not getting along with family, I begin to spiral and debate about drinking…

But, I’ve made it! It hasn’t been easy not to drink, but I was able to overcome the urges…