Sober selfies


11 months and a week living the dream

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Sober selfies 😊
I did it! 90 days
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6 weeks , me and Daisy living the dream!


At work, in cubicle land. I mean, it’s no chicken, lol. :chicken: (111 days)



How do you add your picture…haha…can’t figure that out


128 days no drinking


Wow @Steve92 ! 128 days?! That’s fantastic! Looking great, keep at it!!!


Hi @Steve92 (waving)


At the bottom right on the message box is an 'upload' button. Not positive if everyone has to but I have to be on the desktop version ( and not the app for it to work @Jacey


Not as many as you guys but amazing for this past few weeks
Oh and my baby boy who is keeping me straight bc he ain’t gonna bottle feed himself


You’re looking fab girl!!!


I love this thread!! It’s like everyone’s profile pics coming to life! @Steve92 you gotta replace your icon with this more bad ass shot, or the one you posted a few weeks ago. (Just IMHO :slightly_smiling_face:)

Unfortunately I’m still trying to stay incognito, so here is a proxy:


Nope, we can’t be having that @JohnSee I’m going to blow your cover…


I’m sorry @JohnSee, you were warned!

:joy: :joy:


You got me! :triumph:


:grin: :grin: :heart:


25 days


Looking hot! :smile: :fire:


Aw thank you! As are you!! :crown: :heart:


Here I am…