Sober selfies


Got to love a snapchat filter :see_no_evil:


Trying something new. Dye and bangs, bam! It’s good to be sober.


Congrats on a year of time! That’s amazing and insprirational


Amazing .
You look great in sobriety


sober and feeling great!


Is it a wig? Something just looks fake about it since it isn’t sweaty and tied back for a run…


Lol, oh how I missed you. :kissing_heart::rofl:


Thank you! We can do it!!! :muscle:t3:


Thank you!! Everyone does! :muscle:t3:


Still haven’t shaved.


Hey Professor, I choose Bulbasaur. Wait!!!


Yes, Charmander…I mean who picks Squirtle, lame.


I missed you too. Wasn’t your kin in the hospital a while back? I hope everything has run its course in such a way that you can live with.


No self-respecting Pokemon player picks Squirtle. Come on!



My mom and then a close cousin of mine was diagnosed with schizophrenia and then my kiddo was given a dx of add, bed, gad and depression. Life has been fun! But seriously mental health is no joke. :expressionless:


yesterday was rough … I almost caved in and had a drink. The first 30 days are rarely the problem… it’s the days that follow. Here’s to another hangover free Monday!


Very true… people think the first week is rough… Heh not even close to true. Good luck with your sobriety stay strong! :wink:


Even now when I’m sober for 335 days, I still find it hard at some points.
It’s fu**ING hard some times.
But it’s worth pushing it




It was a great day for a hike. 72 degrees in the first State!


Love th shirt!