Sober selfies


I love raspberies as well :heart: Looking nice :ok_hand:


My Sobriety Ring. :slight_smile:


Day 181! My 12 year old and I just loving life! :heart:


Too sweet… :heart:


Happy 75! I’m on day 75 also @Benedictine


Same here, my sober twins! @Benedictine @JLove


You look radiant! Keep up the great work!


Wow, I think you look like a completely different person! Definitely look younger and WAY less red! The look of clarity you have now is definitely more becoming.


Thank you, I can confirm I am a completely different person now.


Yup. Pregnant downtime after AA conference fun and indoor swimming. Can you guys believe I am going to a dance in an hour and 40 minutes with these fat feet after my baby and I killed 3/4s of a large pizza? Some brave souls jumped into the ocean earlier for an annual polar plunge they do every year. Not every of the 42 years they have had the oceanfront conference, but a right lot of them. Pictures going back at least 5 years.


Monster Trucks with my stud! 30 days and counting…


Two different men, awesome :heart_eyes:


Amazing work Buddy!


86 days and counting…had a blast riding with my daughter today!


You look 20 years younger and so healthy! Congrats!


976 days and counting.


8 months sober.


Feeling good at 45 days sober, and counting!


Love the before and after photos. You look great!


Nice ears!