Sober selfies


Names Becca. 24 years old. Day 4.


Some people try to stay sober 24 hours at a time. I guess you will try to do it to 24 days at a time! Keep it up and you are looking great


Im pretty hesitant on putting my picture on line, but i thought id share this with you guys.
When i was drinking my nails got brittle and would chip off, and were very thin. They have since grown out beautifully. Usually i cut them after a certain point, but this time around i decided to file them then paint on a clear top coat. The photo doesn’t do them justice!

my right dominant hand isn’t as good looking though but that’s expected.


Lol looking goood! Maybe one day we will see your face but until then your nails do look healthy ! :heart:


Thank you! They are tough too and feel so great and healthy. I love it


Lol I wish I could like find happiness in something as simple as having nice nails. I mean I do have nice hair and teeth :sunglasses: that’s similar I suppose hah


Another fine “Look At Me” on day 137. Been pretty rough, mentally as of late. But I can bust my ass at work, in the frozen temperatures and plow through to the next day. :fist:t2::v:t2::metal:t2:


Amazing! Yes my right hand nails take a beating :joy:


yaay 198 days today ! :grin::wink::smile:


Oh haha. Its a girl thing, for sure.


I know it’s just funny how girls get excited about it. Like what do guys get excited about that’s comparable to that? I am trying to find something and drawing a blank🤔


I dunno…beards?

“Ya…since I quit drinking, my beard is so thick and shiny, not all patchy, matted and dull.”



…i wish I can say my beard is nice butt i don’t think I’ll ever get a full beard. :expressionless: but yea i think were at least getting somewhere with this lol


Sober beards are the shit lol


Eh…beards are “discouraged” in my company. No shave November means No Job December.

Someday, I will have a beard that would make a Viking jealous.


Time to find a job that lets you beard freely. No beardism


Working on working for myself, put that move is going to take about another 18mos.


I wish you and your potential beard the best of luck


Rocking on my 90days, work is amazing tho, get to make a 64 Porsche look amazing!


Dude - did u lose some lbs?