Sober selfies


Wow man. What a change pal! Lookin great:).

I gotta dig up a good before and after


Before and after :grimacing:


Before and after… And btw, I don’t have any solo pics. So family pics is what we get:)


Holy shit man! Wow! You look great! I’m at a loss for words!


Amazing difference!!


Before is at the bottom. I got that one all mixed up.


I wish lol


Proud of you Pal! Keep up the good work!


Well u look healthy man, keep up whatever you are doing!


They look great! I had a mani and pedi today, treating myself with saved $$$ from booze. :nail_care:


Day 100 and feeling Great!


Feeling great and looking great!


Thank you!


Looking nice and pretty. :heart_eyes:


Day 375. Sunnyish day in NI so gonna get out for some fresh air, buy some new clothes.


Looking so much healthier. Nice to see a happy family. Well done on your sobriety.


I also suffer from balance problems, and anxiety makes it 10× worse. Sometimes i feel like i will fall down while walking…


I have a lot of damage to my ears, as a result of my military service. This has caused occasional, but intense vertigo. Drinking made it worse (another reason to stop). I take a very low dose of meclizine daily (Antivert, Dramamine) , and this has helped tremendously.


Thanks a lot buddy…i will definitely look into that…Yes there is lots of ringing and buzzing in my ears and i thought it was anxiety but i needed a second opinion as well


You look amazing, congratulations on 100 days :sparkling_heart: