Sober selfies


Which, on a Monday, is an accomplishment all by itself!


I know, especially after a crazy busy weekend! I will take Mondays like this every day over the end of last week lol.


Last week was a screwy week, with that Hump-Day Holiday. Was like having 2 Mondays and 2 Fridays. I was all kinda out-of-sorts.


Agreed. And hour by hour last Thursday and Friday, more and more big shit was being flung at me. Thank god thats slowed down lol. But because of it all, I’ve been buckling down, dealing with it and getting stuff done! I feel great instead of beat down and exhausted. It’s a good kind of tired I feel now! :slight_smile:


I loathe “selfies” so this is one of the very few that I have. My lovely husband and I had an amazing weekend. Went to Lake Powell and found a quiet area away from EVERYONE. It was unreal. We were surrounded by nature. Completely serene. We paddled way out into the lake and watched storms move in over towering red cliffs.


That looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


You’re most welcome. Have an amazing week!


Good choice. I love this tv series too


Yesterday’s bbq


55 days without alcohol. Now I don’t drink I’m free to do so much more. I go out all the time, I socialise a lot more, I go to way more gigs, events and things like that and I go on dates and get to meet some lovely women and their lovely dogs (pictured)


Finishing up day 1 again after a 6 day oops. Off for walk number 2 of the evening. It’s wild how quickly all the nervous energy comes back and the feeling antsy.


“Eye” am proud of my one month! Have a great evening or morning everyone!


Yar sober pirates!


Yarrr!! We need to get @Pirate in on this!


ONE WEEK SOBER IN 5 HOURS :clap::clap::clap::muscle::smiley:



I sense a sober pirate thread coming hahahahaha.


Hahaha awesome! If there’s not one by the time I get my next chip, that is happening. Fo sho


Getting better at getting better each and every day!


Once @rmgrimmer gets wind of it, he’ll get er done

Hahahaha. I got the giggles today. Just the kid in me.

Chip Pirates

Just took this a couple hours ago. Day 989. Almost quad digits! :hugs: