Sober selfies


I agree. That is a nice tie. I have like 30 ties. When I meet with customers, I always wear one, unless they tell me to “lose the tie”.


Me too. I have a USMC tie-tac that I am proud to wear. Can’t do it without a tie. I have subtle ties, and power ties. Holiday ties too.


I would imagine it is. As a young Marine, I stood or walked an armed post many a time. Could be crushingly boring, the only excitement being when the Officer of the Day showed up to inspect the guard. Still, it beats the other extreme, where something goes down, and the reason for security become apparent.


221 sober days! 1 giant towel!


Haha oh yes!


This pic of you reminds me of M. Night Shyamalan.


I’d rather kill myself lol. No offense to anyone with a manbun. I just think that’s hipster. I used to braid my hair, grew up in south central.


I was just trying to trick you into doing that :wink:


Out for a little 50km Trail Action this morning.



Didn’t you used to wear glasses?


That’s is a big towel!




Was beginning to doubt my memory :wink:


Yes… It was the only one at arm’s length and was too lazy lol



Looking good my friend.


Yeah I like the ho hum boring shit of work over the “shits hitting the fan” stuff. I’ll take boring every time


He is so cute!


You really look evil styled like this :joy: