Sober selfies


Thanks! Been looking forward to the 6-month milestone for a long time…6 months, to be exact :sweat_smile:


Lol :rofl: that’s great!


Rainy day, weld away.


Female Staph-terrier?


Tired and sick but feeling better on the floor watching TV. My couch is bloody uncomfortable, lol


Almost another day. Grateful and humble.


Sober and exploring


bro, watch out for trains. That shit don’t look safe


For realz. Trains kill more people a year than elephants


From this everyday…

To this everyday…


Aww, glad you are feeling a bit better. It’s ok, we don’t have to be happy all the time. And that is an adorable photo :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Look at that big hambone. I love my pets. They bring so much joy to life.


Lol I always have every light on in my house. It drives my husband crazy. Have you thought about getting one of those cool therapy lights? They are super cool. I have one on my work desk. Have a goid walk. Be safe☺


hiding behind my filter


Getting such a therapy light is a good idea :+1: But it has to wait til next year, no space here to put it up :expressionless:


5 months, 1 week. I feel 10 years younger. Full of life, little to no anxiety or worry. Stress levels are non existent. Clean lifestyle, clean diet, and a willingness to become teachable in all aspects of my mind. One day at a time. Heres to today!


Here is me again, gonna delete it after a while because of my privacy :blush:

Deleted at 17 december '18 :sunglasses:


I need to recharge. It’s been a long, but NOT lonely week learning how to socialize sober stylee. It’s been scary, but it’s getting easier to be around other people. I isolated while I was drinking.


Love your hair :star_struck::+1:


Sunday appaears to be a good day to do that! :slight_smile: