Sober selfies


Thank you! :blush: :+1:


In het echt nog leuker! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aw, you look so happy and healthy. :two_hearts:


Thank you! :heart:


Precies wat ik dacht :+1::kissing_heart:


Op 8 november heb ik mijn stralende zelf ook al laten zien hier bij sober selfies! :grin: Dit is al selfie 2 @Lola en @Benedictine :raising_hand_woman:


Wow! You look amazing. :sparkles:




Aww thanks! Although ive just eaten donuts so my serenity levels have dropped for the next hour whilst I crash :joy::joy::joy:


You even look like royalty.


Thank you @liv_m and @AyBee :blush: :+1:


. Left 9 months ago in treatment, right picture is today. Much healthier and sober. We can recover​:hugs::purple_heart:


Damn girl! Everything about this picture screams Light! The light is in your eyes and all around you. The first pic just looks like you wanted to go unnoticed. What a difference!


Accurate representation :wink:



Not quite a selfie…but whatever. Found these while cleaning. Yellow shirt would’ve been mid summer '97, and Adidas shirt was 3/1/98. Definitely had a laugh, figured I’d share with the class.


@Cloudberry first, welcome to the forum! I saw your hidden post. You won’t be able to post a pic until you become a member. Just check into the app for a couple days and be active and you’ll be switched from a basic user. This is done to protect the forum from spammers.


Wow!!! Stunning :sparkles:




Awesome! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face:


Love it!!!