Sober selfies


A beautiful day in Arizona and a great day to be sober. I’m at day 557 and tomorrow morning I will chair a 6am meeting of the Get It Together group of AA. Best part is that I get to give my sponsor his 9 year chip. I’m so grateful for that man.


Father Daughter dance 2019!


:heart_eyes: aaawwwweeeee!!!


Yeah!! Have a blast!


Was a great time.

These princess’ made my night. Time for pizza! 2 of them got perfect attendance today too


*40 days alcohol free
*37 days no cigarettes
*26 days no gambling


Trying to get motivated to do something this Saturday


Beast mode…


I had no idea that Hildegard was like a race car :wink:


Looking good buddy! Keep it up!


I dyed my hair blue last night!


Sober Selfie Satur-YAY!


Gym selfie :blush:


With my second eldest out for dinner last night with the fam bam


That’s what I deal with, bro! May not be able to run when I get back because of how much snow we have. Home workout time, I guess.


I’m just running at the gym…we have over a meter of snow…but spring will come and then it’s even nicer to run outside :slight_smile:


You do look alike and you are rocking that look by the way @Becsta! :star_struck:


Thanks! And yes we are very similar, in mannerisms and personalities. She tells everyone I’m too grey for us to look similar :joy: but now with me having no hair she doesn’t have a come back :joy:


She sure feels like a race car!


Nice. I haven’t run since last Monday. Right now, my exercise routine is crap, between not being able to go to the gym and the snow limiting my runs. Plus my baby doesnt sleep.