Sober selfies


I have a civic SI as well. Fuckin love that car


Yeah thats because i didnt see it was an SI… Im sure thats fun to drive … Im in envy… They do make ecu reflashes for it to bump the stock 205hp to 270hp😱…


Honda makes a fine automobile. Great choice and it looks fantastic


Lol yeah it’s now a “style” to have my hair a mess. Works for me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can pull it off, looks perf :ok_hand::ok_hand:




I fucking love this car too! I found 6th gear on the highway and just melted!


What was it doing on the highway? It should be in your gearbox.
Might need to get that checked at the shop


Mine tops out at 137. It’s electronically limited unfortunately. :cry:


Absolutely love love love this! Hildegard is a stunner and love the way you tell a (real life) story x


It’s not exactly a croptop @Kintsugi but 6 months ago, this shirt’s buttons were holding on for dear life!


I had my first session of therapy tonight. I am feeling very empowered & motivated to keep on progressing on my path to recovery.


Your selfies are the best!


Lol, this sentence made my day.
You look great :+1::wink:


Haha! Touche!

@Englishd, I haven’t tried to max the speed… yet. When I got my last car I got 3 tickets in a month and a half. Trying not to have to pay more money… yet.


Don’t let her do the transformers thing with you inside :slight_smile:


Lotsa true crime has kept me sober :slight_smile:


It’s a Law and Order Marathon for me😊


I’m the same way lol


Updated photo