Sober selfies


Wow, that is quite the picture, beautiful big cat, are you a zoo keeper? Jealous if you are, I’d love to work with animals. Is he quite tame?


Congrats! Love the love on your face :heart:


Hehe nope I just happen to be on holidays right now in Thailand. Her name is Jasmine , shes one of 3 sisters living there. They grew up in the sanctuary since kitties so they’re quite tame but she still tackled her handler when he turned his back on her hahaha😁


Congrats, Frank!!


Awww, how precious and perfect! Congrats Frank! :heart:


That’s an amazing photo!! She is gorgeous.


Looks good! Pretty similar to mine which is a little longer. I had my ever long hair cut to bob last autumn and,have no regrets :slight_smile: :scissors:
Edit Youre approaching… :upside_down_face:


Great news…congratulations to all…


…“and now for something completely different”. Awesome picture!!


Thats some sure good winning there, Frank, congratuwelldone :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful news!


Just enjoying life.


Aaaah, how cute!! :heart_eyes:
I suits you well!
Congratulations!! :heart:


Congratulations Frank :heart_eyes::heart:


Out walking with my littlest man before dinner earlier this afternoon :two_hearts:



THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! You made my day :wink:


Great pic @Ifs


Getting ready to chair the 6am Saturday Get It Together group of AA, Chandler Arizona! Have a great day full of serenity and love!


You look great!! :heavy_heart_exclamation: