Sober selfies


Cheers Josh. I’m ok now, I’m clean honest guv! Ain’t had any for weeks now honest!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lookking be you ti fulll!!


Thanxxxx was feeling great right there…today I’m feeling bleeehhhh…PMS is there again :sob::cold_sweat: :angry: :sob::disappointed::cry:…like I am under a black blanket and disconnected from joy, energy and happiness. I know it will pass but that doesn’t help right now…


Virtual hugs :hugs: that was me 5 days ago. Thank god its over for a while :sweat:


Thanxxxx friend. I really hate this state of me…it seems like it’s getting worse getting older. Or is it because we don’t drink and feel better what we feel/think/experience? What do you think?


Dear, it might get worse if youre going through a pre menopausal phase. I know i am. It can last for years. U take vitamine b and magnesium? Checked your iron levels? As familiar to ayurveda have u tried shatavari? Excercise will help too, especially of abs & pelvic area. Yoga ofcourse :blush:


Hmmmm…a lot of things to check out! I’ve got ayurvedic women pills and k ow about the magnesium…the rest I’ll check! Thanks dear :kiss:


You look just like the waiter we had last night! I think his name was Colton😀. I live in Lebanon, Oregon!


I was so so tired of standing in front of the mirror every day for at least 30 minutes to tame my hair. No matter what I did, it looked somehow shaggy. Now I’m back on the short hair train with you @liv_m :+1:


Your hair looks good!!! … and it will be much easier to manage.


Yeees hehe, 5 minutes :+1:


Oh my GAWD!!! It’s beautiful! :grinning::grinning::blush:


Wow! :grinning:(101010)


14 days sober. Feeling better than I have in recent days, but still feeling a bit foggy as I rush to meet a deadline.


Looks great Sabrina!!


I LOVE it!!


Way to rock the look!! :heart_eyes::bird:


Letting the neighbors dogs out while on a work meeting! Ha! Love my sober life!


Another one with short hair


And it looks good on you as well AliciaMarie!:grinning: