Sober selfies


Oh, I’ve got a few stories about funny stuff that’s happened, or been discussed…but really, just being a “fly on the wall” and listening…really makes me dislike a lot of my rides.


Sheesh eh. I always asked the driver to stop at McDonald’s. One morning I woke up and found the birds eating my fries on the walkway and food up the walls. Ugh. So happy that’s over.


Ah! That stinks :confused: What happens if someone :face_vomiting: in your car? Why I need to know this I have no idea lol. I think it’s awesome you’re helping these peeps get home safely.


Cool hat, I love the shape and the all black. Nice choice.


I’ll second that, @Buts


Happy sober Saturday everyone! Hope you all are doing well tonight!


Nice 2 meet you @Buts!!!


Sober-not-selfie from Stockholm!! 101 days without weed and 48 days without boozzzzzz!! :sparkling_heart::muscle:


You are looking great Andrea, :heart_eyes: that roses shirt your wearing!


Thanks!! I love big framed shades…make me feel very Audry Hepburn :wink::joy:


Such a positive vibe!
Looking great! :star_struck:


173 days.


Had a great time camping with 15 of my brothers in recovery. I was first awake both morning’s and got the fire and coffee going before the sunrise. Also did some great hiking for an out of shape old guy.


516 days!!!


How awesome! That sounds like a lot of fun. Good times :camping::milky_way::sunrise_over_mountains:


It was. Lots of sharing as we had 3 meetings over the 3 days together. Great sobriety mixed with experience, strength and hope.


@Geo …I was thinking of you this morning bud!



Enjoying some karaoke tonight!