Sober Sunday Funday!



This is awesome!


Happy 30 days to me on this Sober Sunday Funday!!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!!


Congratulations. Cake looks yummy. I made cupcakes with my daughter yesterday was my 30 days mark. Let’s keep adding up these days…a day at a time.:blush::hugs:


Watching the Grammys can I blame the drink for why I don’t know ant of these people. LOL.


Woohoo!! Congrats, we made it!! Heres to another 30!!!


Lol it’s likely!


Thank you. Yes another 30 most definitely!:blush:



Happy Sober Sunday Fun-YAY!


Having a glorious morning on my couch, with this view. About to embark on some rigorous honesty in continuing to write out some step work. My outdoor thermometer says it is a touch above freezing and I see some water dripping off my bird feeders - that makes it look positively balmy outside.


Painting today with the music blaring and us singing along


My first born!


AA Joke I heard today from an older lady w lots of sobriety: when I go out to dinner and the waiter asks me if I’d like some wine I say no thank you I can’t I’m allergic to alcohol I break out into handcuffs LOL LOL it made me laugh!


My sunday project :herb::seedling::leaves:


Nice!!! The hubs and I are going ti start planting soon too!!! Send pics as they grow!!!



Trying to watch ACM Awards…so irritated with all the cut aways to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.


Lol do you not like them? I think they are cute!! I love Nicole Kidman!!


Watching Wrestlemania with friends! They’re having a couple drinks, I’m enjoying Mountain Dew! Having a blast! Can you tell who one of my favorites is?


Not to sound MAGA, but not a fan of an Aussie singing country. Yes they are sickening cute.