Sober Sunday Funday!



I wanted to start a new forum for Sundays! So here let’s post what we are doing on our Sober Sunday Fundays! Whether it’s pictures or inspiring quotes!!


Good thread idea! This is what I did today, made my first evah bookmarks! Trying to figure out watercolors


Yoga, clean, board game, nap, read, puzzle, early bed time :blush:


Laid on a price of plastic and launched myself down a steep hill, and then walked all the way to the top of that hill and did it again. Sledding is so much fun when you’re doing it, but sounds insane when you describe it.


Nice!! Good job!! I know how to free hand draw and then paint in my lines!! Lol!! I will have to find some of my sons nursery Dr. Seuss artwork so I can post it under the Artists Unite forum!


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that actually sounds like a lot of fun AND good exercise!


That’s awesome, I’m the opposite- I can’t draw which is why I paint lol!


Planning for code I intend to be writing this week. Paper notes help me play with ideas and foresee potential problems before writing actual code gives me tunnel vision. No, you can’t read it, I’m shy. :wink:


I took my two younges to the cinima to see that Aquaman !!! What a dose of shit. I’ve only stopped drinking for over a week and the first thing I noticed was it was 9:30 pm so I had 30 min to buy drink I thought !! I never !! It was not the film that set that off it was not that bad but because I was not really focused on life in general and just sitting watching a film this craving or thought had its chance to pounce. Little bastard :joy:. The film is reallly bad though !


We went to the beach today, it was really nice. Everyone get ready for more pictures :roll_eyes: :grin:


This has been me all weekend…


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I feel they are just coming out with each individual super hero movie or whatever you want to call them just to make more money! Ugh!

Anyway! A week in is super fresh. You didnt go get anything to drink did you?


Nice girl!! Where do you live that’s warm enough for the beach?


:rofl::rofl: I understand. I take a certification test in like 8 days and I have to force myself to study lol


Sunday funday :heart::hugs:


I did a killer hike and tired myself out for a good night’s sleep!


Good idea!

Got up went out and worked. Came home and worked. Went back out and worked. Now I’m in bed for the night. Lol boy I live a crazy life.


I hope you filled you snow blower with gas since we’re probably gonna need them tomorrow


Southern California…it was pretty rainy for a while. Sun has been out for about a week :blossom: :sunny:


This is a really cute collage!! Incredible :heart: :dog2: :dog2: etc lol