Sober Sunday Funday!



I went to Vegas when I was 15 and then again at 34, both sober lol


Mt. Rose in Washington State. It was gorgeous!


Awesome! Love my mountains, snow, and winter sun so I was jealous. Also looked similar to BC mountains which is where I’m from :slight_smile:


I know I’m a day late lol, but yesterday I got to spend the day with 2 of my best friends watching the Royal Rumble, a WWE pay-per-view! So much fun!


Sober Sunday Funday walk!



Let’s geaux Rams! I am a Saints fan though, just rooting for the Patriots to lose! :joy:


Heck yeah!!

Too bad first quarter kinda sucked eggs.

But Gladys Knight was awesome!! LOL


Both quarters have sucked so far!



Lowest scoring 1st half ever!


They have got to start scoring points! This is horrible lol


Amen too that


But Adam Levine took off his shirt so I’m a very happy girl!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


I second that😋


I was just going to say Did I miss the Half Time … Was it faster this year???


Omg I know right! I know those people were prob pulling on it til someone got hold of it for sure!


I thought it was fairly long. Not super short lol


Lol I clearly miss it, How was it?


It was good!