Sober Vegans/Vegetarians


Any vegans/vegetarians trying to get sober and in need of support? Thought I would start a thread here for those wanting to connect with each other. :avocado::broccoli::mushroom:


Howdy!! :green_heart::avocado: :raised_hand:


Hey! Vegan or vegetarian? Nice to meet you!


Vegan for a little over a year, pescatarian diet for 25 yrs before that :slightly_smiling_face:


Vegan 3 years now. Was a meat eater my whole life b4 that.


Welcome! Still getting use to how the app works lol bare with me I’m a little slow :joy:


Vego here :blush: For about 11 years!


Vegetarian here, for 13 years.
Tried vegan, but I cannot live without real cheese :flushed:


I said that for 25 yrs. Cheese was way easier to quit than alcohol.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That’s true! But alcohol really has to go, cheese isn’t.


Hey there! I’ve been vegetarian for the past 4 years I think. It’s given me some helpful tools for sobriety too - like politely declining food/drinks that are offered to me :joy: most people don’t try to feed my anymore lol


I’m with you on the cheese issue! I eat vegan most of the time, but enjoy the occasional cheesy Pizza, Lasagna or even scrambled egg - I think balance is key :wink:


Twenty years strict vegetarian. After that last four years I have been consuming seafood when I eat out sometimes and poultry on a few occasions. Feel weird I have to admit and I got mad at myself for becoming desensitized. Icould never give up butter and cheese tho.


I would ask at restaurants if there is beef stock in the sauce, chicken stock in risotto or pork in beans…etc. The server would go ask and come back and would say; yes, but just a little bit, lol. I find this sketch hilarious.


Actually for health reasons (and a host of other reasons), they both do.


Yeah, there’s no balance with something that’s going to kill you sooner than necessary (I’ve watched multiple family members die from diet related diseases).


Ha - seriously. :wink:


Sober for 10 mo and attempted vegan since July 1st of this year. For the most part the vegan switch has been fairly easy. I’m slightly worried about it being a substitute for the addiction though, and am really trying not to obsess about my diet because food control has also been an addiction of mine in the past.


I’m sorry to hear about your family members! I became a vegetarian mainly because of ethical reasons and try my best not to harm to environment, but nobody is perfect. Also, the dose makes the poison.
In my case, alcohol would have killed me first, no doubt at all. I always thought it was kind of ironic how I wouldn’t eat a burger because I felt it wasn’t right but had no problem to drink half a bottle of whiskey while contemplating that :sweat_smile:


Pixie - I originally stopped eating meat - except for fish - for health reasons. Stopped eating fish & dairy for the same reasons, it just took me longer. After this long, I am vegan for all the reasons. And yes - the alcohol was the last to go. Completely irrational, but a more difficult habit to kick. …Truth be told, it was only more difficult to initially kick the habit than it has been staying alcohol-free. I have really only had a couple of times in the last 104/105 days that where I was truly struggling with urges to drink. By and large I find living alcohol-free (and being vegan) a whole lot easier than I thought it was going to be :slight_smile: