Sober Vegans/Vegetarians


…Speaking of ‘substitutes,’ OMG - I just picked up these from the store on the way home. They are so good!! If anything has become my weakness since I stopped drinking, it’s vegan ice cream - and I’ve never been one to crave sweets (perhaps that’s b/c I was drinking all my sugar, LOL). I usually eat frozen fruit when I’m craving something sweet, BUT… There is a vegan ice cream shop that just opened up that’s near to where I go to school - and too far from where I live (which is probably a good thing!). I keep trying to find a good substitute but zero success. These are really good though! I’m sure they’ve got way too much oil but hey. :woman_shrugging: Check them out - I got them at the regular grocery store (Ralph’s/Krogers in the US)


Just made the decision to be a pescatarian at the end of August, was a meat eater and lover my whole life before that but the whole ethical issue has been nagging at me. I wish giving up alcohol was as easy as giving up meat has been.


Yeah I have been pigging out since going sober :open_mouth: I feel like I need to eat to distract from drinking. Either that or sleeping lol


My daughter is pescatarian. Trust me I use to live things like steak but for ethical reasons I just started feeling guilty about it.


I have had So Delicious pints of icecream but can never find the bars where I am in the US


Preaching to the choir, but - I love this guy! :heart:

James Aspey - “It’s OK to change”


Been preparing to stop drinking for too long now and finally taking the proper steps. As a vegan, my triggers are from the constant existential pain around soldiering on in a dystopian and vystopian world (see below if youre not familiar)

The constant triggers and how i see it “valid” reasons for drinking to cope or numb the constant vystopia versus the same excuses, habit and ultimate pointlessness of carrying on drinking. Bit of a paradox (but one i know the answer to) but found this thread and thought it was worth a shout out to see if i have any company?

Day 1 of seeking new support with the app and in any forum environment


Vegan 4 years. I was vegetarian for a little over one year before that.

It amazes me how I could so easily give up meat…and eventually the cheese and egg…often for health reasons (of course also for the animals and the environment too!!) yet I could do easily justify all the booze!!! (Vegan booze, of course)