Some Positivity, because we need it ❤


Hi friends
So this post is about positivity.
I wanted you all to remember that you are worthy and beautiful! Even if you are sitting there in front of your screen, hopeless, in tears, feeling tiny as an ant, fat, chubby, bloated and so on: YOU ARE WORTHY!
We’re all here to learn how to become the best version of us possible, I aint gonna lie that’s not easy. But nothing changes if nothing changes right?
I’m on this journey since 1-1-18 and I’ve learned a lot about myself. Mostly I learned to love myself as I am.
I used to listen to the wrong people who said to me “your hair looks better short and straight“ so I cut it (it was very very short :grin:) and used a straightener every day. I thought they must be right so I’ll change. They said “use this or that makeup“ and I did. Same with clothes and shoes. “Be more like a woman, use high shoes“ but I got the worst inflamed feet you can imagine.
I did all this but it felt wrong.
I am right as I am, with hair that’s slightly curled, with flat shoes, without makeup, with my kind of humor, with me behaving like a fool sometimes and loving it and so many more things I forgot now.
Be yourself, believe in you and it’ll get better!
Truly love you guys n gals :heart:


Awesome post!


Amen sister! Thank you for this post! It sounds like we have similar journeys, and your post gives me hope that I’ll be able to love myself again someday too. :heart:



I’m sure you will be able to love yourself someday :kissing_heart:


Thank you :blush:


Thanks for this post. Love it :grinning:


Thanks for this post, kinda needed it. The last weeks my negatives and self depreciating thoughts are getting more frequent and I’m starting to believe them again. I’m glad I got my meds otherwise I wouldn’t be able to handle them


So nice. Thank you niiina


What a great post, very well said ! :heart:


Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. Humbleness and humility are the shield and sword against ego and self-doubt.


Just found this Gem on Instagram :heart:


Beautifull post
Cheered me up. :heart:

I have been crying all night, after finally realising i’ve got a problem with alcohol. I feel guilty towards my familly I hid my problem. The past 5 years where really though and I never wanted to admit that I used alcohol and other stuff to keep me standing and but ive actually been falling…
I want to get my life back on track and stay sober.

I am doing this for you sister rest in peace, I love you.


I just watched a beautiful movie called “I am” from Tom Shadyac. Really worth watching! :heart:


@Niiina is the resident positivity coach!


:muscle: I love to spread positivity



I needed this today, and I love this thread. Thanks @Niiina!


You’re so welcome ^^ That makes me smile :smiley: