Some TS Full Moon Astrology

I thought it might be interesting and fun to do a little astrological full moon tidbit for Talking Sober. This is a general reading of the energy for this full moon as pertains to the subject of sobriety and healing. This energy will effect each person differently depending on how each person’s birth chart is impacted; which, of course, is impossible for me to touch on in a general way, so this may hit home for some of you or it may not for others. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

On July 4th at 9:43pm PST, the moon waxes exactly full at 13 degrees of Capricorn. Full moons are about endings and with the energy in Capricorn, there’s a feeling of looking back on something that has been hard won, whether that is a decision to stop going down the wrong path or a journey a person has already started on. Capricorn looks forward. It’s a cardinal earth sign that is self-starting, motivated, hard working, and practical. You don’t have to have a Capricorn sun sign to be motivated by this energy but it will be very strong for you if you are a Capricorn.

With Mercury retrograde and opposing this full moon, there might be some difficulty for some in talking about the emotions surrounding whatever is ending in one’s life. The urge to bury those feelings deep, or to even have them come out in inappropriate ways could be noticeable.

If you are looking at your life, standing on the fence, reading other people’s stories, and thinking to yourself that it’s time to get clean/sober, to end this situation you’re in, this is a good energy to do so. This full moon has an easy energy with Neptune–which rules drug, alcohol, and addictions in general–which could help make the decision to quit an easier one.

There is a difficult square from Chiron–the wounded healer–to this full moon (and to Mercury, the planet of communication), which tells how letting go of what is causing pain may be difficult at this time because that may mean facing the realization that you are responsible for your choices. But with Mars conjuncting Chiron, it tells that out of that pain can come healing if there is action toward that healing. Sometimes challenges bring the greatest opportunities for growth.


Thank you for sharing!

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Love this, I do things like this almost every day :blush:

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Can feel the energy of this moon. I look at the peak of the moon cycle like looking at a dinner menu, except instead of ordering one meal I’m ordering a month of meals, as today the energy I express now will be mirrored through this cycle.

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