Struggling is an understatement

I’m new here and I’m from England. My addictions have been EVERYTHING!! It started off as alcohol, then cocaine and now crack and heroin!!! Jeez sounds awful when you write it. I’m currently on methadone so the heroin has been taken care of but i just can’t stop the crack and its driving me crazy!! Anyway I’m on Day One so keep your fingers crossed for me


Welcome Jasmine :innocent: It’s nice to meet you & I’m happy you’re here! :smile: I know it seems like a huge mountain to climb. That’s ok. It is one step at a time. One hour, one day at a time. Always.

Have a look around here and get to know some of the threads: there’s so much interesting stuff to read and so many interesting people. Check in with us on our daily check in thread - keep up with people’s day to day life:

There are loads of other threads for people’s interests: art, exercise, books, music, etc. What sort of things do you like to do? What are some of your fave activities or hobbies?

Thank you so much guys!! I’m happy I’m trying and well done to everyone else who is deciding to be sober :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Welcome Jasmine! We are here to support you! Well done on 1 day on your belt! :heart:

Jasmine VERY PEOUD to here you decided to take the step in an amazing direction. Yes you are correct struggling is an understatement! Its the horrible c**** I seem to struggle with myself and I am new here I joined yesterday I have7 days clean today. :blush:. Am happy each second I am clean and being the father I truly enjoy being to my gorgeous family. Stay strong when in a struggle call some one do t ever sit alone!! U can accomplish this a minute at a time, a day at a time is have faith in you to do well.

What support do u have to quit? It sounds like u have a lot going on. Use the microscope icon to search for “new for 2021” to get links to lots of useful threads. We are here to cheer u on!

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Welcome! Each day gets a little better. I know the crack monster :japanese_ogre: well. Hang in there…there’s always someone on here. Also 24 hour zoom meetings on if 12 step is your choice or is another great path.

Hi @Jasminemit75 fair play to you
I am on the journey with u to I’m 10 days today
Blooming hard ain’t it x