Sugar boycott


In speaking with another lovely soul on here today, we decided to quit sugar together. So, I thought it may be a great idea to post it up here and let anyone that wanted to join in with us come on board! Our plan is currently to wean down over the next week and then quit totally. I’ve been on a sugar kick lately and it’s now time to kick it to the curb! Anyone have any good pointers that helped them? I’m super excited about this!


I don’t know if I want to cut it out completely but I have been weaning down and wouldn’t mind jumping on this to help keep on top of it!

I’ve found having home made sweet snacks on hand is helpful. I have mentioned this to a few people before, but I do a version of this:

Maybe add some dried dates (check for no added sugar obviously!) and coconut oil and use whatever nuts are in the cupboard. I definitely prefer it to any shop bought sugary snacks. The trick is having it there for when the cravings hit! Rather than making balls I squidge it all into a tub, freeze it and then cut bits off as I want it. It’s pretty high calorie but I figure it’s all pretty healthy stuff in moderation. Definitely better than biscuits/chocolate bars/fizzy drinks.


Ooh, that sounds great, thanks for sharing! I plan to go paleo with my sugars. Only natural fruits, maple syrup or honey and only in moderation.


I think that’s the main thing. Try to avoid processed food, not too much fruit. Fill up on as much veg as possible to avoid hunger etc.

I find it’s all good until someone brings cake into the office :joy:


Haha it should be way easier for me being gluten free! But lots if candy is gluten free…and so is icecream. And the brownies and cake at my local health food store…I’ve been out and about a lot lately lol. Time to reign it back in!


I used to have a counter for sugar… I then realized this approach was not for me, and I needed to listen to myself and it just told me to get the donut. One thing at a time.

I hope this works for you & you find health & a balanced system!!!


The donut won for me the last 5 or so months too lol. But it’s time now, thanks for the well wishes! :hugs:


Alcohol, nicotine right now. maybe sugar later.


Honestly , it’s my objective. You are prob my objective!!!


It’s a good plan! I tackle one thing at a time these days, they stick better this way I am finding. First alcohol, now I’m 2 weeks in of quitting smoking pot, sugar is next and coffee goes with sugar. Only thing left after that is dairy & grains! I’m focusing on building a better me and ditching all the things that don’t do me any good along my way. 6 months ago I was a complete trainwreck. In 6 more when I hit my year, I suspect I’ll be back to more of my old self then I’ve seen in decades! :heart: We are all a work in progress, I love watching us succeed and do better for ourselves together!


Right there with you, sistah! Let it begin!


Keto for life! Sugar is the devil in my world.


I quit added sugar about 8 months ago. No coconut sugar no honey no suger of any kind unless it’s in fruit but not juice. I lost 40 pounds, my husband lost 50. GRRR. I ended up giving up gluten caffine meat and white flour. I feel so much better. No aches no pains and I’m off of my add meds. It was rough in the beginning. Headaches anxiety cravings. The only thing that kind of stinks is that you have to make everything. Oh yeah and we very rarely go out to eat. Saving a lot of money through. If you can quit all of that you can cut sugar too. I’m glad I did it. Oh yeah and roasted veggies even frozen are simple and delicious


I don’t have a problem with sugar in drinks as I can’t stand the taste, however I am an absolute nightmare for buscuits and sweets so will try and cut back and eventually kick it but can’t promise I will be successful, always worth a shot, did you know that sugar turns into the hard stubborn fat in your body?


Will have to rethink my fruit choices too, look at how much sugar is in a 30g serving :cry:


I make everything from scratch as well except the candybars, icecream and glutenfree brownies my local health food store makes that I tried this week lol. I do know it’s got to stop though. I’ve quit before for a month or 2 at a time but never long term. This time I want that to be different! You’re a fantastic role model, thank you for chiming in!


Is this about ALL the sugar…or just added sugar?


For me, added sugars. I’ll still allow myself honey or maple syrup from time to time and I will still eat fruits but all of that will be in moderation.


It’s pretty much all I eat for processed foods.


I can get onboard not eating added sugar…where I have a choise…for example I will still eat what ever they will offer at school but at home this is totally doable