Sugar boycott


All fruit is pretty sugary. The main thing for me is to check the ingredients and make sure dried fruit doesn’t have added sugar. Also go for organic where possible/affordable as they don’t tend to have another additives.

I’m sure I remember hearing if you eat 5 a day to limit fruit to 2 of them so you don’t overdo it on sugar, even if it is natural. But I can’t find any evidence of that so I may be wrong :see_no_evil:. I try and eat 10 a day - 3 portions fruit and 7 veg.


Chapeau to all of you! That’s a really good and healthy goal, but if I wouldn’t be able to treat myself to some snacks in social situations while everyone around me is drinking, I would go insane. Or start a riot. Baby steps. Hope to join this group in the future though! Good luck to all of you :slight_smile:


Well, I am doing the keto diet and have been avoiding sugar for awhile. Sugar free jello and Monk fruit have saved me.


Today was day one of no sugar! I think I started a day earlier than planned, I did have a little sugar in my coffee today for my breakfast date with my grampy but otherwise, I did great!


Great job mandi. My first week sugar free was a little tough, a little like coming off of alcohol. I was cranky and had a headache. Hope tomorrow goes just as well.


Awesome, Mandi! So far so good with me too - but man, the witching hour is now upon me🙄.


I just brushed my teeth so no sugar can enter lol


They catered in lunch at work again and had a giant cookie tray. I was good…well until about 3 and then I couldn’t control myself ahhh


I had a couple of ginger nuts at work on Tuesday :roll_eyes: but I had a 12 hour day and they were just there… I’m not worrying about it too much.

My mum is coming to stay with us this weekend and she is a sugar fiend so I’m going to make up some oats/dates/nuts bars to have as a sweet treat instead of whatever she brings with her!


Dang it. So I totally used sugar to help get over the recovery bump. Risky business, I guess.

Ugh! I’m not going full on Kato, but alright. I’m in. I just have to finish this 2 lbs bag of candy first… no big. :neutral_face:


Haha I love that. It’s what we do at Xmas. Just sit down and eat all the chocolate in one go so it’s all out of the house!


Ha! I could never. This one bag is 6000 kcal. :open_mouth: Takes over a month to finish usually, and that’s sharing some at work.


Honestly I’ve never dared look at the number of calories :see_no_evil: But it’s split between two so half of a lot is better than a whole lot.


How is everyone doing with the sugar boycott? I have consciously cutting back and most nights I don’t have that cheeky pack of buscuits and limiting the dry fruits to only a couple


No comment lol


I’m still having sugar in my coffee in the morning. I’m almost out of creamer, could dump it but that seems sacraligious lol. But no added sugars otherwise and thats going well!


That good :joy:


I think the added sugar is the worst as you don’t always know it’s in the things that you eat, well done so far :slight_smile:


How we doing @MoCatt? I failed yesterday, my son has been begging me to take him to this icecream place since before it opened this season and today was their last day open so when I picked him up from his dads he begged me and we went. It was pretty delicious…I’m finishing up that creamer today come hell or high water so this week will be much better! I think coffee is contributing to my insanely high blood pressure too so win win there!

Edit: Took the tempting photo out


I’m on the no added sugar train too. I used to drink my coffee at work w/o sugar for weeks but at some point added it again…and then completely lost track after having a lot of sweets, pastry and such last week. So now gluten and sugar free again :facepunch::muscle: