Sugar boycott


Ah @MandiH - I caved yesterday too. A combination of our local Greek festival (and all the amazing pastries) and terrible PMS was a BAD combination. On the days I did well, though, I felt better.
On to the next week… and, as @Yoda-Stevie says, we’ll keep getting better at getting better.

And gosh - what a handsome boy you have!


Aww thank you! He was all, mom, my hair is a mess you cant take a picture haha. But you are right, we are getting better at getting better! :heart:


Oh my goodness, I WANT that ice cream :heart_eyes: I’ve been so good at staying away from it even though I have a tub in the freezer for my kids, your tempting me :joy:


Omg I didnt even think of that, so sorry! I’ll edit that and take it out!


:joy: It’s fine hun it’s not bad, just looks so good :slight_smile: I’m not bothered you posted the picture, leave it up :kissing_heart:


What a great thread! Plan on joining you all in the next few weeks (one addiction at a time). Thought I never had a sweet tooth, until I cut out alcohol :grimacing:


Same here. Never even ate dessert. Oh, how that has changed.:roll_eyes:


I’ve been contemplating the same thing. I havent had a sweet tooth ever, really, until the last few weeks. I dont like it, frankly. This recipe has been my go-to snack for years now and there are so many ways to make it your own but it’s unbelievable just the way it is. I also use less brown sugar than it calls for - but you do need a little for the clustery crunch.


Fruit is a good choice, in moderation of course.


hey_sugar_lumps__by_forester10-d8byjht This is still how I feel about sugar…this is harder than I thought it would be this time around! I’ve lowered my intake quite a bit and I’m 3 days off coffee, but still having a little sugar daily. But I’m not giving up!


I have not done well at all this week. Been to things today and yesterday where there have been proper homemade cookies and cake.

I don’t have much sugar in my diet, most things I eat are made from scratch and no sugar in tea. But homemade cakes are my weakness!


Been sugar free. Lots of steak, eggs and spicy sausages. Even refused the delicious dark chocolate lily’s bars

Keto for life.


Did you just go cold turkey or did you ween off of it?


I always had a hard time staying under 20 carbs on the Keto diet, while getting in the right amount of fiber and healthy/nutritious foods in that I like :confused: :green_salad::banana::carrot::avocado::lemon: I could never get the right amount of fats in too. But it did help with appetite!


I just quit cold turkey. I do still have some on occasion. Last 2 months my sugar tooth was bad, but I think I’m mostly past it again


I don’t worry about fiber. I very rarely get constipated.

Mayo and coconut oil are great for quick fat.

And the reduced appetite is amazing. I only eat once a day typically and it works just fine.


@MandiH - I’m trying this tonight instead of my beloved ice cream. We’ll see how it goes!


Alright, what’s going on in here? I only have one ice cream bar and a handful of M&Ms left in my sugar supply.

Full disclosure: With great intent I bought a bag of grapes to replace my M&Ms. It turns out having them and eating them are two different things. :expressionless:


I use Xyla as a sugar replacement and I absolutely love it- ooooh an Nelly’s sugar free chocolate chips for baking!!


I went in to work to this on Monday morning. And resisted! Not even one biscuit.