Sunday Day/Night- What’s Up?


I thought we would win for sure :scream:


So did I… I’m just glad we finally have a quarterback where we can give teams a run for their money!


Just got home from grocery shopping. Needed supplies for Christmas morning breaky and dinner. All ready for Christmas now phew! Now soaking my feet in the tub cause they cold as ice lol. Not much planned tonight. Another quiet night with my family. :sparkling_heart:

Forgot to mention that I will be baking christmas cookies tonight to prepare for Santas arrival tomorrow night. :wink:


I’m on my way to a meeting. I went for a long walk earlier and I wanted to sneak a drink so I’m going to a meeting.


Today I went to a Christmas eve eve party at my friends house, parents and children, got there at 4pm and left at 8pm, no alcohol involved, my friends husband did offer me a drink and I didn’t have to say a thing as my friend jumped in straight away and said “Michelle doesn’t drink anymore, you should know that” lightly scalding her husband. God I love my friends :heart_eyes:


Those look soooo good. :heart_eyes:


Currently hanging with some family where there is some alcohol. Keeping my distance and leaving soon to go to a meeting and then stay the night at my mother’s, where there will be no drinking. Staying focused on doing the next right thing… :two_hearts:


I keep seeing you and others make series of strong choices in difficult situations and it lifts me up :slight_smile:


Watched the Eagles game (YEAH!!!) at a friends house (hoagies, chips & diet pepsi). Now my wife and 2 of my daughters are at Christmas church service. Nice quiet house. A few presents left to wrap. Just had a large Dunkin Donuts coffee so I will likely be up late tonight. In years past, I would have been blackout drunk by now. Sundays are so much more enjoyable now that a 1pm football game doesn’t mean the rest of the day is completely shot. Have a sober rest-of-the-weekend friends!


I have decided that the next D&D game in my future will be me playing as a rock. No mobility, excellent physical defense. Sky high charisma. Great at hiding. Vulnerable to elemental manipulation, does not want to magically become sand. It’s all going to be in the narration, guys.


That’s solid. :wink:


At mom’s in wrapping purgatory. So. Much. Wrapping. She’s baking and brought me cookies like I’m still a little kid.

…excuse me I have to go eat some cookies.


It has moved from passing silly joke territory to “most likely still a joke while it lasts” territory. There’s talk about a cactus and a tumbleweed joining as characters. Perhaps involving a murder mystery as one of the 4 local lizards has not been seen for days. Not sure if the tumbleweed is stuck or if it has something going on with the cactus.

Not a universal sense of humour but I need a little silliness today :slight_smile:


Trying to create some door pods for my doors. Want to get an 8" and a 3.5-4" speakers in that summa gun.


Over watching the game??


It’s not on TV over here unfortunately and I’m too cheap for the sunday ticket/NFL network lol


Fumbles killed us. I was hopeful but not confident against the Saints, in NawLeans.


Left drinking family members to go to meeting and stay at my mother’s, cause there is no booze here. Awesome meeting. In and safe and sober for the night. Got through day 1 of 2. More later when I’ve had a bit of time to eat and breathe. :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Opened a few gifts with my mom and bro. Watching White Christmas on Netflix.


Tucked up in bed. On the top of my gratitude list is getting through today sober. :two_hearts::two_hearts: