Sunday Day/Night- What’s Up?


Welp I’m hanging out, watching my Seahawks and sipping on some iced tea.

Earlier I managed to go to 2 malls and Target without any anxiety, so that’s someting!


All that natural light :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Go Hawks!!


I’m liking this game, seeing some vintage Wilson and Baldwin is finally getting some action.


Great win! I love seeing KC going down!!


You from Houston?


Live north of Houston. You?


Southwest of Houston but I also live in Brookshire…I have two homes


What’s up folks? Sundays have been pretty laid back now there is no more football. I’ve been watching Father of the Bride 2, so related now. Heh!


Well, I thought maybe I’d go grocery shopping to meal prep for the week…but the snow service provided by my landlord hasn’t arrived and my snow shovel still lives at my other house. So, I am reading the forum and eating too much junk.


I’ve been eating a lot of junk too. We got some snow and haven’t really been able to leave, so just been holed up with cookies and muffins. :rofl:


Both of my Boys had a match with their inline skater hockey teams (is this played in the US, too?). So i needed to get up at 7:30 (no problem when being sober :grin:) for the away game of the older one. He scored his first goal for his new Team, where he is the youngest player. So proud. After that the home game of the younger one. Finally returning home at 5 pm after a long day of hockey, right in time for my own cardio training. Happy sober sunday


I’m coloring here right now lol. Great anxiety reliever for me!


Just closed up the bingo hall. Living my best sober life!