Sunday Day/Night- What’s Up?


With Christmas around the corner a lot of us are needing some sane and sober company today, so I’m still continuing on with @aircircle’s Friday night 🧵! What’s up!?

Nervous about the weekend

Starting to feel a little anxious myself, so I’m about to hit the gym and make it my bitch. lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Might be a good spot to link a few threads on how to cope with several things over the Holiday. Going to figure out how to do this again.


I went for my run this morning, so have been eating like a horse since I got home. Football later since it’s Sunday. After that, taking my girlfriend out to dinner…I just don’t know where yet.

Looking ahead a few days…it is looking like a real possibility that I will be spending Christmas day alone, which I have never done. I had a couple options, but I wasn’t up for either of them. It’s not like I’m alone for the whole holiday – my GFs parents have their big Christmas thing on Christmas eve, so I am going to that. Just on Christmas day – I’ll be home on my own. Part of me is looking forward to it (I sure do love me some alone time), but part of me thinks it’s kind of sad. shrugs


I’m sure I will be on here :slight_smile: I love the Christmas Eve stuff at her parents’ house, her parents/family are great. They live only about a mile from us.

I think it will be an alright day, the day itself. I love alone time, and recently I have been feeling not up for these extended social gatherings…just takes a lot out of me. So maybe Xmas day alone is not the worst thing.


Haha I’m at the gym now. But we’re just friends lol


Just made breakfast for the wife and in laws, now the wife and mother in law are cooking Christmas dinner. My father in law and I are now plopped in front of the TV watch NFL pregame


I’ll be alone too… I work Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day night. I plan on FaceTiming everyone before I go to bed on Christmas Day and when I wake up. lol




If anyone else has a thread they would like to share that might help someone through the holidays please share…


Dang I forgot to share this earlier, but if anyone is still Christmas shopping and looking for something I highly recommend this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It’s small, but the sound is incredible… I use it all around the house and in the garage. I’ve even taken it to work with me and to a friends home.

It’s only rated 3.5/5, but the same one I had before lasted 3 years in my shower.

ECOXGEAR - ECOROX Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black


Feeling a little anxiety today. Gonna go throw some weights around, then sit in sauna and sweat toxins out lol


At fish market !


Dang the Texans lost :sob:


Watching football… damn Houston Texans are going to cause me to drink again with these close ass games lol jk…


I just ran a mile. Tomorrow is day 150 and that has me pretty excited!


My first fiberglassing experiment. Enjoying myself, even if it is ugly as hell :joy::rofl:


Swedish meatballs are done for now, probably will make another batch after I do my cream of mushroom soup!


Why are we experimenting with fiberglass? lol