Survived my family trip

I went away last week Nd it was the trip I was dreading for many weeks. I knew it was going to be hard and didn’t want to go, but it was important as I don’t know how many more holidays I will have with my dad.
I also hate flying so the whole thing was just anxiety ridden. But I managed to get out there. I planned on going to meetings and getting out to distract myself. But the first night I was there with everyone and it started nicely… we all got snowed into my brothers house who lives basically out on a reservation. I learned that my suspicions of my whole family being alcoholics was confirmed. Everyone started drinking early the next day and were angry and fighting and it was literally the perfect hell I could create. I had nowhere to run away too… I had nowhere to make a private call. Every time I disappeared for the bathroom or something people came looking for me.
I was offered alcohol so many times, and it was really hard to turn down champagne because it’s the one alcohol I find actually really delicious.
By the end everyone was yelling and cursing and I hid in the bathroom and cried. When I came out I heard my step mom saying I was spoiled brat and should get over myself.
That was the last straw. I came out and yelled at her and everyone. With the stress of it all I honestly thought my dad was going to have a heart attack. It was so unfair. I just want to steal him away from everyone and spoil him until his last days.
I was the youngest one by decades and the only one not drinking locked in a home with no way out and no privacy.
Well me yelling must have knocked some sense in them because they were much better behaved the next day and I got apologies.
I got so many compliments about how kind and cool I am lol… and well behaved. I’m like I’m not even that great y’all are just animals!
Anyways… y’all that was the hardest fucking experience ever. If I can’t get through that I can get through anything!
Talk about bad timing and luck! My higher power really wanted to test me :sweat_smile:


Well we could have told you this. :grin:

In spite all the chaos, you did not drink. Hard as it was, you did not drink. You held it together that much more, and how cool that in the end it was able to settle back down.

You’re pretty rad, lady. Score a big one for you!


Wow! Respect lady! You nailed it!! :facepunch:

Proud of you!!


That sounds really awful. I am glad you made it through sober. :heart:

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Sometimes you have to get amped to get results! I’m glad you made it through okay. Keep up the good work.

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