Taking new steps in sobriety. I’m really nervous!

Hey! My name is Carrie. This is the first time I’m actually trying to get better. I’ve had a really intense addiction with alcohol and it’s had a clutch in my life. I’m really nervous, but I’m so motivated. I used to drink every single day, and it would just so out of hand I would hurt people or act out of pocket and almost get arrested…
It would be so embarassing to hear the next day and I’ve burn a lot of bridges over it. I just know the best thing I can do is go sober. Part of the reason why I would drink so much is my anxiety, liquid courage for me. I have the worst anxiety and when I drink it made me feel normal. It got pretty bad to a point where it would affect me medically. I’m young, just turning 22. I’m ecstatic to meet everyone here and would love some new coping skills and ideas to keep me busy! I’m so excited!
I come from a exotic dancer background and just now starting a new job!
My favorite color is blue, I love sushi, fluent in sign language and I love piano🙂


Welcom @Tinkkk to the forum. Read around the threads. Theres lots of wisdom and support being shared here. Congrats on taking the first step and acknowledging it is a problem!


Welcome, Carrie! This is a great community For support. Keep checking in. I wish I would’ve gotten sober when I was your age.


Welcome! Yeah, I don’t miss the next day what-did-I-do panic. I don’t have anxiety (I think) but definitely low self esteem, and alcohol made me feel interesting, funny, pretty, at least until the next day when it made me feel like a piece of shit, physically and mentally.

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Lots of good info here. Happy to share your journey.


Booze gave me what i was looking for and in the end it gave me Hell


Welcome! You have made a good choice! Getting sober is not easy, but it is worth it.