Thanksgiving 2̶0̶1̶9̶ 2020: A Survival and Celebration Thread

Hey everyone.

The bermuda triangle of holidays is now upon us. Many are traveling to see family and friends or have family and friends traveling to see them – meaning for many the drama (and potential temptation) is incoming. Just starting this thread for those that need quick input from others on dealing with situations to protect sobriety, serenity, or even sanity. We are here to help.

Similarly, feel free to share your gratitude and celebrate the things that are going well this Thanksgiving holiday, including things you are doing to stay sober, serene, or at least sane.

Be safe and much peace and love to everyone. :goat:


I am thankful for Goat. :turkey:


I’m showing :goat: my gratitude by listening to Christmas music as I type this


Well I’ve always been taught that AA is not a bank. That being said if you give them money but I wouldn’t expect them to pay it back. Personally I probably wouldn’t but it depends on the situation.


Likewise. I’ve given help, but usually in the form of talking, or lending a hand at something, picked up a lunch, or shared things I had that someone needed in a pinch. Be of service. But not a bank.

I feel like @Gabe.G would have a page number about the subject.


Which part? The part about me giving money?


That seems kind of bold. I probably wouldn’t; you think she called you because you’re newish and she’s burnt out the old timers asking for money? Especially if she has a user at home, maybe he asked her.
I’m skeptical, by nature also.
Oops, missed the part about food card. Carrry on! :blush:


You did good buying the food card or food. :heart:


I would have done the same thing you did. I gave my friend in the program 20 dollars one time, but I also knew him very well. But if someone is hungry, I buy them food. Or I will buy big books for newcomers.


Hey if you wanna give me money I’m all for it. I have work in public health for low income individuals. Which means I’m a low income individual


We have plenty of work in that field


I’m thankful for Goat and ALL of you! We CAN get through the first of The BIG 3 holidays together! Let’s DO this Sober Fam!!!


We’re having Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house. I plan to eat, mingle and chat then just head home and relax.


Hey, I got you this turkey donut, @Donut89.


Well it’s after midnight EST so happy Thanksgiving my east coasters. Special shout-out to our British friends. If it weren’t for your oppression we’d never have this day! :grin:


Haha, you guys!
You don’t need an excuse for a party!
Or is that the Aussie’s


You know better. Don’t give her a penny.


Just getting off a 24 hour shift to spend Thanksgiving alone. Temptation level 2/10 but sadness level is way up there. Today I am thankful for the positive things sobriety will bring my life in the near future. I am thankful that I do get to see my son sometimes and that he has a good mother. I am thankful I have a job. I’m thankful for this website and the kind, strong people here.


Go getem Donut!

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Finished my morning meeting and chatted with my sponsor for a bit. Saw some old friends and made some new ones.

Gratitude. How much that word and the feelings associated with it mean to me now. A few years ago, I had no idea what the word or feelings were. I was going through the motions in life and the bottles of vodka, wondering where is mine instead of looking at what I have been blessed with-- which is a life beyond anything I could have reasonably expected in life as a kid. The childish grandiosity started young with me… Hence the word reasonably. Lol

Even with me kicking, screaming, and wall building my HP has seen fit to make my life larger adding people to it that actually care about me and what goes on in my life-- showing me everyday that I am in the care of something so much larger than me. The fact that something could even look out for such a defective Goat that doesn’t deserve the life or gifts he has been given.

I have all of you, people I have never met or even spoken with - but will go out of their way to lend a helping hand or words of encouragement even though you may not agree with my music tastes. I am so lucky to have stumbled on this place and am so grateful for it and all of you. All of you still fighting to get sober, I am grateful for you as well. Just know that today can be your last day one. We never have to hurt like that again, if we do the work to stay sober today.

Some of you have even shared coffee or a meeting with Goat IRL and have been such a source of hope and strength - showing me how transformative sobriety is even if I can’t see it in myself. It has been such a blessing and gift to meet and know you coffee sharers. Thank you for being there for me, putting up with me (including my stubbornness and walls) and helping me to see myself in a different light. I can’t imagine my sobriety without each of you in it.

May you each of you find at least a moment of peace and serenity today. Much love :goat:

Now to get the rest of the day started.