The Art of Sobriety


Been taking tutorials online on creating with colored pencils :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Not finished yet, I’m thinking a small barn and fence silhouette in the bottom left corner but can’t decide! I’m very proud of the backgroud, I have been practicing skies and really like how this one came out :slight_smile:


I’m fairly new to the forum. Am stunned at so much amazing artwork and creativity here! Please keep posting. (I sort of used to paint and draw many years ago)


hope you all have great days today


Why my gawd, these are fantastic


Felt anxious and frustrated and antsy yesterday, battling drinking urges, so I scrubbed my bathroom super clean and painted a wall mural.


value matte painting in photoshop


Sheesh! Thats AWESOME! Such creativity and feeling! Looks like Madame Pele


Holy carp your one talented person… how is that even fair to the rest of us :joy:


“StarCity” commission from a few years back for a comic book series. It never actually got launched but I still like this one, few days in photoshop




I love this!


Thanks :slight_smile: @Nate_Harbison I did it when I was 16… that was more than 16 years ago :joy:.

I mostly just doodle


Thanks… here is another glass piece i finished the other day


Heres a few wonderland doodles i did a few weeks ago…


Wonderland is my home… I love your pieces, OMG! I’ve done several that I’ve given away… OMG I love them.


Bday present for a friend😆 can anyone tell what it is?!


I absolutely love the stem punk dragon


So I’ve been saying was going to try drawing. This is my first attempt. To be fair, I did use a couple of ideas from Pinterest to guide me…I had not clue how to draw a skull. LOL