The Art of Sobriety


Calling all artists, poets, hobbyists, etc. Share your work here…

Arts and creative outlets?
Checking in daily to help maintain focus
Temptations in the meantime
Advice for the Newcomer and Constant Relapser
Addict alcoholic artwork




I was having a bad day that day…


That’s a good drawing…a crappy message. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lmao…that tickled my funny bone



This is a drawing I did as a teenager that a friend put on a mug for me. I found it last month while going through boxes.


This is just the last 45 days! So glad to be back creating sober after so many lost years😆


I have that Dancing Bear tattooed on my ankle! But it’s not nearly as pretty as yours :slight_smile:


Hmmmm… that’s the famous Grateful Dead “Jerry Bear”. Do I need to give you a drug test…? Lol


Haha, no drug test needed. Anymore!


My wife has them dancing across her foot. The glass piece was her xmas gift i made for her. She is huge dead head. We are going to Mexico next week to see Weir and Krutzman play also string cheese is there😆


Great line up! Enjoy. My husband and I met at a Dead show :wink: Married now almost 28 years.



I LOVE that last dragon holding the key.


Thank you @VSue! :blush:


I love drawing fantasy art :slight_smile: )


I have been doing oil paintings after a long break. I studied first three years then two years in Art school. I specialized in painting. My thing is more acvarells, but sometimes I play with oil colours. No acvarells unfortunately in my phone…