The Art of Sobriety


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Again started with copying something from Pinterest but then made it my own. Going for hope this time…


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That’s your first attempt?! It’s so good. Used to draw some back in college.


Thanks…it wasn’t from my head though. I need to follow a guide. But I like them. And it kept me busy while the kids watched Harry Potter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cat on a bike stained glass


The man that I could be is always with me
He’s whispering wisdom that helps me to see
He stands like a giant ore trials so great
He sleeps when he’s tired and harbors no hate
His scars are not hollow, his pain will adure
His heart is his compass, his heading is sure
If he says he’s going, his word will stand true
The man that I could be, or he could be you.

Through times of great trial, you must tarry on
Just ask him how he made his way to the dawn
He’ll tell you he fought for it all of his life
He gave up his demons through a terrible strife
They poked and they prodded to get back inside
But this man had finally nowhere to hide
He stood and he faced them with mighty resolve
He slaughtered the doubts of the people involved
This strength wasn’t thrust on him simply by chance
He earned it by triumph ore evils advance
To be like him I could not er comprehend
But to grasp for his likeness I’ll strive till the end.

Luke J. Carroll


An inspired poem by an inspiring poet. Words are powerful, the way you string them together is beautiful.


Very cool.


That was beautiful! So powerful.



Amazing @Naturehippy! Also, that is one of my favorite movies. :purple_heart:


Lol- my favorite movie of all time


Same! I adore David Bowie and him being in that movie was a bonus. The Neverending Story was also my other favorite. :grimacing:


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