The night before I quit drinking


Dear Heart, you are so articulate. It’s so easy to read your wonderful words. Please continue to share with us and thanks!


Thanks for sharing…l have stories too(man,…do l…smh). That’ll come later. Tried meetings…and well… that didn’t take. For some unknown reason I decided to see if they had an app for support and here l am. Just downloaded it today…and l must say…it looks very promising. Well…who am l kidding I’ve said that before on several failed miserably… Soooo… “one day @ a time” is what they say :roll_eyes:


Thank you for your story. I crashed and burned in the end in similar fashion. I was a black-out, violent, insane, hopeless drunk. And then finally a year ago I hit that wall and was done. I wish you many sober days, months, and years to come. Peace.lola


I am attending NA meeting now I am clean and sober for 10 days. Now I am in step number one that we are powerless towards our addiction and our life is unmanageable


The night before l stop drinking was as other nights. I wasn’t planning on stopping but my oldest son age 37 helped me.

He encouraged me when l woke up to seek help. Him and l walked about 2 miles in the snow so l could start processing my recovery. I went to a place here in Columbus, Ohio to get detox. This was on February 12 this year and l have been sober every since.

I am thankful for my sponsor but more thankful that God gave me another chance to live. I am very active with AA meetings. I enjoy hearing the stories from others.

Being sober is one day at a time. Ine victory at a time. Staying sober is more than meetings, but it’s a desire to stay clean.

I have that desire now, and may the Lord continue to keep that desire in me


Thank you for sharing. I almost started crying reading this. Today is my first day sober, and im terrified that I’ve been destroying relationships in an attempt to slowly kill myself. This really struck a chord with me