The Prayer Thread


I believe that this higher power or god or however you want to call it, only sees us as souls and not as a gender :hearts:


I’d like to think that too. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I’ve noticed a few members on here that are struggling in one way or another. I prayed for them this morning. If we could say a collective prayer for @Ifs and @Longhorn, I know I would at least appreciate it. I know that there are a lot of people on here that are in need of our prayers (i.e. all of us), but some are in more immediate need.

You are in my heart and my HP is aware of your struggles.


Sending prayers to both of you guys @Ifs and @Longhorn Don’t give up :heart:


@Ifs @Longhorn


I saw that @Pinkleena Monica is going in for a job interview. I’ll say a lrayer for your success! Anyone that is able to join in, im sure would help!


When this thread bumped back to the top, I realized I never thanked you guys here for your prayers on my behalf. I’m doing much better now, had a relatively speedy rebound, and I’m looking forward to exciting new things in life. The support I received from the TS community really helped me maintain a hopeful perspective. You guys are the best!


Spread the love, James! Pray for someone today!


I think there are two people who could use a prayer or two whom are a part of the forum.

@rmgrimmer and @Dasindog both are two amazing people who have greatly helped this forum and the people on it; how about we turn the tables for a change and see what we can offer them? They may not dare ask for it, but I think they both would benefit from it! :smiley:


Thanks, Tyler. We will beat this.


Thank you for the kind words, they are much appreciated! :blush:


When I think of Failure, I always think of Michael Jordan who said this:1d89a67e2c4213d688d3b02594c1652c

Please help Kyle, bless Him with faith. Help him not to let past failures hinder his present moment and his future. May failure draw him even closer to you and to success! Give him a powerful spirit of resilience and persistence and help him to never ever get discouraged and to find your will in everything! Amen

rmgrimmer - just a word of encouragement - I failed my drivers, then on my second attempt I remembered the story of David and Goliath, that story encouraged me and I passed that day. I felt like I had won a huge battle. I was in my early 20’s when that happened and that gave me a huge boost! Prayer works!


Hi Everyone,
I would like to ask for prayer.
I have had a porn addiction for 22years. I would like to be free. I have had respected church leaders pray for me, I have tried many techniques to stop, I have really tried, but then something happens at work that ticks me off or someone treats me like (shit) then I lose it again and fall back into it. There is a lot of underlying turbulence in my life, a lot of fear and anger deep inside me. I also have struggles with doubt and insecurity. I get panic attacks especially when I think about my work. I don’t want to live like this anymore. On Monday I thought of taking my own life. I had a very dark day. I didn’t give in to the thought, but the thought crossed my mind.

Sometimes something triggers me when I least expect it. When I try to draw closer to God then I am tempted the hardest. I really want to end this addiction tonight! I understand that it takes time and everything, but I don’t have time as a given, none of us knows how long we have left to live. I am 33 and am deperate to get out of this evil circle of addiction. Please pray for me!


What a great answer.You did not judge at all.You are a true Christian


@iwillwin I’ll pray for you, Nicolas.

@Morne_Corrie thanks. We are all spiritual brothers and sisters. Romans says that “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” It’s not my job to judge, its my job to let others know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us in spite of our weaknesses. He gives us weakness that we may be humble and learn to trust Him.

I hope that we could all be long suffering and patient with each other.


Tonight I am praying for one of my sisters. She seems to be having a rough time right now. She harbors a lot of resentment towards our mother, and while it’s not for me to say it’s just or not, I pray she can find the strength to let it go.


Hi everyone.I need some advise please.I am a Christian,but am only 3 days clean,I have not yet returned back to reading my bible and praying because I still feel ashamed.I feel like I have let Jesus down so many times and so many promises I have broken.I know its satan’s tricks.But I feel so far away from God and of course this is a time I need Him.How can I get my relationship back and feel good about my faith?


Emotions run high at the beginning of recovery. Youll gain some insight with time. That being said, it is not God’s intention to alienate or damn His own children. To the vilest sinner, be looks on them with sadness and remorse and asks what more He could have done for them.

I believe that we all must pass through the fires of adversity to be cleansed and renewed. To some the trial of addiction is this refiner’s fire. Christ suffered for your sins that you may have the chance again to return to God’s presence. His arm is extended out to you always and He will always forgive. There’s also the analogy that Christ is as a Mother Hen who gathers in her chicks under her wings. We must accept though.

Learning to submit is difficult. However, I believe that addicts who gain lasting sobriety are among the greatest of Christians. Because they understand the difference between the love and light of God and the dark stain of the world.


Thank you that is very well said.


That being said, turning your life back to Christ requires repentance. Righting the wrongs you’ve done. I might suggest sending out some apologies in some PMs.