The Prayer Thread


I believe that there is power in prayer. I believe that regardless of your opinions of a higher power, that the collective consciousness of people focusing on a singular thing has the power and as strength to do nothing short of miracles.

I wanted to start this thread specifically to focus on those around us who are hurting, discouraged, jaded, hopeless, depressed, or otherwise afflicted. It goes without saying that we need prayers, so messed up as each of us are. I’ll leave it as a given that we ought to pray for each other on here.

This thread is to ask for faith and prayers to support those people whom we love that need help beyond what we can provide. Your prayer doesnt have to take long, just a few words to your Higher Power.

Please post on here asking for thoughts and faith in the people you love. Tell us why they need support. Addiction is tricky. It would that we be selfish and self absorbed. One antidote is charity. Let’s practice some.


I’ll start. I’d like to request prayers for my brother in law, Kyle. Hes been working hard to pass a certification test as an electrician. Hes failed a couple of times. My heart goes out to him. Please say a few words for him!


I will pray that God give him the strength to handle whatever my be in his path. That God may give the knowledge that God has a plan that is always what we need, even if it is not what I want


I switched this thread to “watching”. I will check back tonight :grin:


I want to pray for the ones I find difficult to love. I need the courage and strength to send kind thoughts to those who I’ve had a hard time with lately. May they be safe, loved and supported. May they find truth and peace. :sparkles:


I’d like to ask for prayers for my sister, who after spending years of her life, and borrowing $200,000 from the bank, has decided that she absolutely hates her job as a family physician. I pray for her because she doesn’t have courage to seek help on her own, and because her depression keeps getting worse. I pray that she finds a niche somewhere in her career where she can flourish and not feel overwhelmed. @rmgrimmer my husband is a journeyman electrician- the tests are not easy. I will send some prayers his way!


Thank you! I will absolutely pray for your Sister as well. I can totally relate, being $220,000 in student debt, and not feeling like I’m able to get ahead in the world. Its depressing and frustrating. She has my empathy and faith that things will get better and that she will be guided to where God wants her.


Tho I broke up with my dad and mom (with her when they got divorced, I was 14 then) I often think about them. My mom was an alcoholic , I think I know some of the reasons now, my dad was one :disappointed: He was drinking often too and has a toxic personality. They both behaved like two dogs fighting for a bone, and this bone was me.
I pray for them both. I don’t wish them pain any more, but healing.


I pray for others to step in and help him, I have to walk away. I pray for him to find independence from his family and in life. His addiction is going to find him sooner than later and I pray he goes back to NA before it’s too late. I pray he finds the strength and dedication to fight for his sobriety.


I believe. As I read I will pray.
For my sister who got divorced and is having a hard time and her two sons.
To overcome and find happiness.


That’s tough. I have a sister who raised 3 kids. It’s hard. I’ll pray for her.


I pray that my wife who’s transitioning from male to female finds the courage to tell her dad. Most of our friends and family knows but her dad, stepmom, stepbrother and grampa don’t know. They’re very conservative people and her family already doesn’t have much to do with her. She fears by telling them that they’ll drop us completely. They don’t have to like her choice but I pray they come around. I pray they continue to love her like I do. This is a hard time for us all and she’s got a long road ahead but I’m so proud of her. Gender dysphoria would be very hard to go through. I’m not really a religious person but if there’s a god I hope he accepts her too. She’s an amazing wife and father to our kids. I say father cause she wants that title to remain regardless of her transitioning. Our kids are young and will adapt but I pray for them too. Kids at school can be cruel. :sparkling_heart:


What a difficult situation to be in. I myself am very conservative and am Christian. That being said, I believe in a God who loves his children regardless of what they’ve done or are going through. He understands perfectly and judges perfectly, knowing the heart and the mind of the individual. I will pray for peace in your family’s life and hope for the future.


I will keep your family, and extended family in my prayers :heart:️ My brother transitioned FTM. While it’s very different than seeing a spouse through that transition, if you’d ever like to talk I’m here.


Thank you so much! Your brother is very courageous. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you kindly. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


My brother in law passed his test. Thank you for your prayers everyone!


Awesome ! Congrats !


Today I am praying for my brother. He is awaiting biopsy results and he texted me this morning to say that he is feeling, sad, anxious and scared. I was so grateful that he shared his feelings with me and we had a good conversation after. I will be praying that, whatever the outcome of the biopsy, he is able to find strength and courage and some internal peace around his feelings.


The best results will be in my prayers!