The Strava thread


Thats the great thing too, youll be able to ride that for a long time. Parts should be available easily and for pretty cheap to keep it going if therea any problems.


Yeah I just had a major tune up done at the local bike shop (no chain stores for this guy) so she’s purring like @C-sun new kitten.


60miles round trip huh??
You really are coming for me aren’t you. Lol.


I will let you know what my room number is in the hospital when I finish so you can send your congrats there…


Hahaha instead of flowers I will send protein powder


My user name is Nicole Moye on Strava. @Englishd wasn’t sure which one was the correct user for u since there waa a couple Derek English.


Haha! We got some beasts up in here!

We had a sweet trail along the Columbia River down in Portland, OR that I used to run when I was in grad school. I used to wake up incredibly early on Saturdays and go run 14 miles along it. It was my me time.


Hes from Syracuse.


Thank you.


I’m following you on Strava!


I’m following you as well.



Lol that is totally me and my best friend.
He usually only last two days a week at the gym with me before taking a week off. Lol.


Alright. Everyone did great this week. A few had nothing in their logs. That’s okay. How about this next week we set a goal. That might be something like just keeping being a beast like @Jante76. Or I might be putting in a few more jogs during the walk for @Englishd. Maybe it’s literally just going out and doing something. I saw @Emyj out there killing it! Keep it up!

For me, it will be to explore the trails more. What about you? What goal would you like to set?


I just want some nice weather. It’s supposed to snow tonight… Once it clears up I want to do at least one long ride of 25+ miles.


Just downloaded the app. Gotta friend yall


I know I have none…lol. Planning to get started Monday. Busy work week.


Feel free to add me


Hope you get that long ride soon brother


Running in the snow is the best! I was able to analyze my gait on the way back, since it was all fresh.