The Strava thread

So apparently excerise is a big thing in recovery. I tend to be a little OCDish so I like tracking everything I do. I use two apps: Strava and MapMyRide. My username on both is Derek English.

If anyone wants to start a talking sober exercise group on these apps leave your screen name here and I will find you.

Props to @rmgrimmer for the idea!


Mine is Silas Verona on strava


I can’t believe this is happening! So stoked!
Robert Grimmer


You still spinning records and doing music?


I am I am🤙


I found two Emily overs lol. Are you in the Carson City running club?

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I was going to ask her the same lol


So, I love seeing everyone on Strava, and I want to see all of your exercise journeys, but I think it would be wise to set some boundaries. Let’s reserve recovery/sobriety talk for the forum and not on the app. I have family and friends that see all my posts on Strava and my addiction is very much in the closet, if you catch my drift. I think everyone is on different levels when it comes to what they want to broadcast.

That being said, we are collecting an awesome little group here! I’m so excited to see all your guys’ activity!


We can use Strava for some friendly trash talking too lol


So Strava is a running app ?


Mine is jante76 A on strava


It’s designed for Running and Cycling. You can log other activities on it, but its specifically designed for those ones.

I’m down! A little trash talking never hurt anyone.

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We won’t be talking any shit on jante. Dude is a beast

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Its all about the bike :wink:

You mean my old ass aluminum Huffy isn’t top of the line lol?

It gets me my meetings and back so she’s reliable. The weather is going to get nice again next week so I want to ride the canal trail. I think it’s about 60 miles round-trip


As long as it rolls right its all good! That sounds like an awesome trail! I wish i had something like that around here.
Looks like youll hit your fundraiser mileage goal too!

I was kidding about the bike comment though. Im a big fan of all bikes though.

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I’m going to be starting a full time job so that will cut into my current free-wheeling lifestyle. I will just hit it extra hard in the weekends

I love that lil Huffy. It was given to me by a guy in NA when my last bike was stolen so it’s very sentimental to me. She’s like the little engine that could.