The This or That Game


Hooray sportsball. Hit the Puck into the endzone!


Yankees. Go Jeter


Breakfast club


16 Candles


I will or won’t sleep tonight. What’s your vote?


Won’t. You and Pinky will try to take over the world.


Blueberry or cinnamon raisin bagels?
I’m battling my answer… Blueberry I think




I’ll take a cinnamon raisin bagel with blueberry cream cheese thank you :slight_smile:


You had to do it with the cheese.


Not even cream cheese!?!?


Nope. Or dessert cheeses like for Italian pastry filling. Or cheese cake. Or cottage cheese. Or fake vegan cheese.


What about butt cheese :joy::joy:


You’s a hater dawg


Had to be there. Poof.


I can always count on you to take it to the next level…lol! :wink:


Won’t my sleep schedules a wreck :pensive:
Ranch or bbq sauce?
BBQ sauce!!!


Ohh shiiit that’s a toughie. I think I’m gonna roll with BBQ


Ok…I gotta tell you about the time my cousin visited from Scotland, and I took him to a baseball game.

So I’m explaining the rules. Pitcher throws, and batter swings or doesn’t. If he swings and hits it, he runs the bases,;unless he’s thrown out or tagged out.

So my cousin is watching and a batter hits a short hopper to third, and I’m yelling “Run! Run!”, but he can’t beat the throw. The next batter gets struck out, and my cousin asks why he didn’t run to first. I explain he can’t because he got three strikes.

The next batter hits a line drive straight at the shortstop, who bobbles the ball and I’m yelling “Run! RUN!” and this time he beats the throw.

The next batter gets up. The pitcher throws four pitches, and the batter doesn’t swing at any of them. Then he sets the bat down and starts walking toward first. This is too much for my Scottish cousin who’s yelling "Run ya wee bastard! RUN!

I tell him “that batter doesn’t have to run. He gets to walk to first.” My cousin asks “Why does that man get to walk, when all the others had to run?”

I say “Because he’s got four balls.” My Scottish cousin is amazed “that laddie has four balls? Walk with pride laddie! Walk with pride!”


Omgosh I can’t believe you,you cheat! But I think I’d like a blueberry bagel with cinnamon-sugar cream cheese,lol.