The This or That Game


That’s not as important as shopping your meetings for older sobriety mixed with the new. Nothing wrong with “broke” meetings, but they aren’t going to be the ones with the better coffee or the cookies worth eating. My meetings are full of retired people who like to cook. It is so sweet. I give when I can and I do a lot of service work.


We just had our business meeting yesterday and we aren’t broke at all, just me lol. But we have a lot of meetings and people so coffee expenses probably get steep. It’s actually not bad coffee. It’s no Dunkin donuts though


Dunkin doughnuts coffee is the suck.

I had 5 mystery shops through the outer banks at dunkin doughnuts and it was killing me even though I was being paid over $200 in total to drink that piss.


Not many coffees are. Starbucks? Eh. Give me DD every day.

Still, my favorite is Black Rifle Coffee or Jarhead Java.

The coffee we had in the field in the Corps was took intestinal fortitude to drink. First, the Master Sgt or Gunny making it was usually a sadist, so it was strong as all get out. Second, they didn’t futz around with silly things like strainers and filters. “That’s why God gave ya teeth…well most of us. You Marines from Appalachia just gonna have a little extra”. So you roll up to a pot in the CP, with your aluminum canteen cup, fill it up. The heat is automatically transferred to the metal through conduction, and then through the metal to your lips by the same thermodynamic principle, resulting in 2nd degree lip burns. You have to “sip, strain, swallow, spit”.

Yep…learn to appreciate DD after that.


Oh man, starbucks has the worst coffee of them all.


Jeesh, is there any coffee that lives up to your unobtainable standards lol


7-11 coffee. And coffee I made in my pink coffee pot.


7-11? Really? Is it any better than all those others?


Lol, Yes. Much much better. As long as it has the spouts to the coffee pots. For some reason the hand pour pots don’t taste the same.


Wawa coffee is pretty good! Not that there are wawa s in Arizona :frowning:


@C-sun travels to the island of Java to personally harvest her own beans that she grinds by hand for the perfect cup of joe. If she can do that you can fly across the country to hit a wawa


Probation, Baby. I don’t get to fly anywhere for coffee beans. They did let me take my daughter to see her dad for Christmas though. See how wellwell I selfie me and my kid with the sun in my eyes? Day after Christmas. You weren’t there if you didn’t selfie. Doesn’t matter if it looks bad.


What are these meetings you speak of with coffee and cookies and sweets? ’

We have bars on our windows and the shrieks of pigeon mating interrupting our serenity.


Burying your kid in sand is the best babysitter


She begged. That sand was so awesome. It was like snow without the cold.


I had no idea pidgens made coitus sounds… Like Snow White singing whistle while you work in the background.


In honor of the first Sox-Yankees series this season…
Red Sox or Yankees?

RED SOX!!! #redsoxnation


BoSox…All the way!


16 Candles or Breakfast Club?

16 Candles


Breakfast club!!!
Red Sox!!!